Sunday, August 12, 2012

A day at the Zoooooo

My parents and I were supposed to go down to Nashville to visit my sister, brother in-law, and nephew this past weekend, but my sis decided to come to Louisville instead :) She came in Wednesday night and left Saturday morning.

Wednesday night, Matthew and I were picking up our new little one, Gizmo!!

Thursday, I said goodbye to this beautiful girl... She's moving to D.C. to attend American University's Masters of Law program. Umm...yeah, she's a little awesome and smart :) and amazing. I am so proud of her.  AND can't wait to visit her!!! :)

OK, back to the point of this post. 
You're still with me, right? 
I know, I'm a little all over the place tonight. 
You'll get used to it. Stay with me.

Friday, I was already supposed to be off, to be in Nashville, sooo I just stayed off. 
Sometimes little staycations are the best. ;)
We packed up the munchkin and headed to see the monkeys!!!
I think Lucas loved it ;) He had too much fun. 
So without giving you a play by play, here it is in pictures ;) 
Pretty much, my parents, sister and I, had more fun looking at the animals lol.
Lucas liked looking at all the people! lol and eating :) 

P.S. This little gem is walking these days ;) Not entirely long distances, but he can stand his own drunko looking walk!! ;) YAY!!!!

He LOOOVES his grammy and grandpa!!!

Definitely NOT into petting the goats lol 

His auuntie's favorite part of the zoo and animal, and he would rather eat his snack... figures! lol 

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