Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where I've Been

Yupp. I'm still alive.
Officially the worst blogger EVER.
What have I been up to?
Well, last weekend consisted of watching one of the cutest kids, Nevaeh.
Matthew had to work all weekend, and his parents were out of town, so thankfully, I was next on the list! lol
Matt and I cleaned out my second bedroom for her and made a makeshift bed on the couch.
Then she wanted to sleep on the floor.

Then the couch.
It's amazing how kids change their minds :)
Needless to say, she had a blast.
We went to the pool Saturday morning, had a nap, played barbies and blocks, went to the grocery for dinner food, cooked for Matthew and just had fun!

Sunday we again went to the pool.
Let me tell you.
Four year olds like to jump. Off the wall. Off the stairs. Off ladders.
True story.
This chicks muscles were a screaming! lol Great workout though. Can't complain.
We had a great little weekend together and it was really nice to be able to spend that much one on one time with her.
Longest stretch of time I've ever seen her in over 2 years.
Yeah, that's not right...

The week was full of visiting friends! I got to see this little gorgeous thing and her cute son.
She's a Mary Kay rep.
And awesome.
And such an amazing and inspirational Christian woman.
Love her.
The night consisted of pizza, margaritas, a lot of talking, and of course ordering make-up and jewelry! lol

Then Wednesday, I got to go out with an awesome co-worker, Crystal! She a doll. Period. 
Hilarious and such a sweetheart. love her!
And it was another round of Margaritas! lol and Mexican :) Delicious!! 
Isn't she beautiful?! She just got married over a month ago! 

Friday night, I had a babysitting gig. True story.
I'm almost 27, it's OK. I love kids that much! 
A friend of my dad's needed a sitter for his granddaughter. His son got married this past weekend and his niece is only 3 years old. The wedding was late and she didn't need to stay for the reception. 
So, that meant I got to pick her up and hang out with her for the night! 
I went Thursday afternoon to meet her. PRECIOUS!!
OMG. She is the cutest thing and so incredibly smart! 
Seriously. At three years old, she can count so high, knows her alphabet like nothing, talks in complete and full sentences and just knows things she shouldn't at 3. And listens really well, too.
It was a rough night! lol j/k. 

Saturday, I worked :( Most of the night. But, Matt dropped Nevaeh off at 5, so we went out for Sushi! HOLLA!
AND, I fail because I didn't get a picture...We sat at the Hibachi grill. Delicious! 
Then strolled Trader Joe's, YUM! 
We came home and started finding things to do in Gatlinburg next weekend!! Cannot wait! 
Almost forgot about it, too! lol
We signed up for Ziplining on friday, and have some options down for Saturday :) 

Sunday, I got up, headed to Church, then met Matthew and went for brunch and furniture shopping for his new apartment! Moving in t-2 weeks :) We'll get to see each other!! YAY
So, we got the furniture and decided we were craving some nice grilled out food!
I decided, hey, let's buy a grill! lol 
I live on the second floor. 
Probably not the BEST idea, but hey, my neighbor has one! PSH I can have one!
So I bought a cheapo one. Of course, some major assembly was required.
While I prepared the potatoes, veggies, chicken, etc, Matthew tried putting it all together.
Thankfully, for his pride, he only needed a little assistance, but did the majority all by himself! :) My little TIm Taylor :) 

It only took about 3 close calls to burning down the building to get to cooking the food! 
From the time we left to get it, to the time it was finished was like 3 hours lol maybe longer. 
I seriously was stressing he was going to burn down the building....
We finally got it under control though and it was perfect! 

This was the oops of the night...my poor foil wrapping caused this... Whoops! :) 

Cheeseball grin lol 

Final product! DELICOUS! Well, done darlin' :) We did good! Just next time, we are totally moving the grill to my garage and cooking it down there. No more close calls almost burning down my building. I almost had a heart attack. True story. A glass of wine was necessary to calm me down, yo! 
My place still smells like smoked charcoal...the joys of a patio. 
Another reason it's getting moved to my garage. 
Peace out lovelies!!!

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