Friday, July 6, 2012


So I've had a bit of a brain funk this week with posts. 
Yeah, there are a few waiting in the wings, but nothing of good substance. 
Nothing fun and exciting, or make you pee your pants funny. 
Not even anything inappropriate and out of line. 
Don't worry, I've scheduled a doctors appointment. 
Next week, we should be up and running, back to our regularly scheduled programs. :)

Until then, well, you get randoms. 
And it's not even random thoughts, stories, etc.
It's pictures. 
And not even my own pictures. Well, not many, at least.

Any thoughts on a post? Anything you all want to know? Bring it. 
Even my fourth doesn't have much to say.
Pool time, looked for a coffee table, and met best friends for dinner.

Yupp. Please don't leave me...

Tell me this is not the cutest thing EVER! I want...

I truly believe it. God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.

I'll admit it. I love me some Disney movies!! :)

hahaha this is so true for a couple of my best friends. 

It needs no more words. 

Sometimes I want to say this to people.  We are adults. Come on. 

I LOVE this! haha

My hair needs to be long enough to do this. It's gonna happen. 

**All pictures courtesy of Pinterest.  Would you expect any less? :)

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