Monday, July 2, 2012

New Car

Let me start by saying that I love my Jetta. Joey the Jetta, to be exact.
When I first started driving, I drove my parents, then my sisters, finally mine, '94 Oldsmobile.
Gold, front bench seat, immobilizer safety feature...
Pretty much awesome lol Don't think I ever complained about that car.
It was a car! I was LUCKY to have something to drive in high school.
That car had been through A LOT too haha 
So, when I finished my first year of College, decent grades, working hard, my parents got me a new car.
It was something they wanted to do for me and my sister. 
They didn't get us new cars when we first turned 16, heck, they didn't get them when we got our license! 
They wanted us to work hard and work for it. So, we did.
And I will be forever grateful for that. 
My little Jetta is 8 years old. Sounds crazy!! 
And she's been a gem since day one.  Well, for the most part...
I've definitely put way too much money in her for maintenance, problems, gas, etc. 
And, the past year or so, she seems to be more trouble than she's worth. 
I don't want the day to come when I am stuck on the side of the road, broken down, can't get to work...
I would hate that. 
And, while it wouldn't be the end of the world, if I can try to avoid it, I want to.
So, for the past 6 months or longer, I've had my eye on a new car.
I got my Jetta, sadly I know, because I nannied and babysat a lot. It was a practical car. 
Something kids could get in and out of easily, be safe, large enough for stuff, and still cute ;) 
Now, I'm wanting something a bit bigger. More space for stuff and kids, a family, etc. 
BUT, that requires a lot more money. 
I can't afford crazy high payments a month. 
And the past two years, I've dropped like 9 grand...take a deep breath, come up off the floor, take a drink and come back with me.
You are correct, about $9,000 on dog surgeries, air conditioners, new business venture, and some new furniture in there. 
Seems like a lot. IT IS! 
Side note: this is one of the many reasons my parents are awesome. Bank account sine I was 11. True story. 50% of anything I or my sister made, went into that account. Work when we started driving, and the rest is history. But that bank account is a dwindling! lol
So, new car has to wait a little while. (insert super sad face)
Motivation to save up, begins NOW!
Because momma wants this precious little new baby :)
Le me introduce you to the Ford Edge! She will hopefully be mine in the next 6-9 months :) 

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