Monday, July 23, 2012


Matthew and I headed to Gatlinburg this past weekend!
Matt's birthday was Friday and we headed down pretty early.
We booked Zip lining for that afternoon!
You all! I am so afraid of heights. SO afraid.
AND this was extremely out of my box to do. True story.
But, I did it and I am SO thankful that I did!
Matthew was so sweet and really kept me up and excited, not thinking about falling to my death! lol

We stayed in Gatlinburg for the afternoon and went to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum! Very cool!
First though, we went and finagled me a cute Coach bag :)
Thanks darlin'! My rock star. He supports my shopping habits...sometimes lol

So we headed to our cabin for check-in around 3:30.  The cabin was around 5 miles, straight up the mountain! ha
Like ears popping, headache, dizzy, nausea kind of feeling lol
I suck at altitudes.
Thankfully, the cabin wasn't too bad when we got there :)
Besides seeing a precious cute little hideously gross lizard in the sliding door to the deck, all in all, everything was pretty sweet :)

Let me give you a little play by play of the weekend. Don't worry, I won't take too long. I"ll try to keep it a bit short.

We'll start with the drive down. OF COURSE we had to start the trip with Starbucks!
and clearly, I was bored, not too long into the car ride lol and began taking silly pictures.
Matthew was not amused.
There may or may not have been a few dance parties on the way.
True story.

We couldn't take pics zip lining. Apparently, there was a chance of it falling or something and then we'd lose our phones or cameras and they'd get all mad at us.  Whatevs. 
So we took a before :) 
While I was still able to smile and mean it and not want to cry. lol

We headed to Ripley's Believe it or Not. 
Believe it or not. haha Pun intended.  Ok, so I'm not the best at the funnies. 
Work with me here. 

After Ripleys we headed to the cabin to check it out!! :) 

We basically had a house big enough to entertain like 3 couples.  There was so much to do just at the cabin! It was awesome! I loved it. 
We went out for a super nice dinner for Matt's birthday Friday night ;) 
And walked around all the shops. 

Apparently, I was showing you my claw...
We got up early Saturday to get the day rolling. 
But not before breakfast! lol I'm ridiculous with food. 
Be jealous of my strawberry cream cheese :)

So we headed to the Wonder Works museum. AMAZEBALLS! 
I wore flip flops and when we got in, but there were so many things you needed tennis shoes for! 
SO, Matthew being the awesomeness that he is, took us back up to the cabin to get my shoes and headed back to the museum. Our tickets were good all day, so that was great!!
We did a few rides, a ropes course! Which was SO incredibly scary.
I think Matt saw my true fear of heights. Maybe.
It was nuts, but really cool.  There were tons of interactive exhibits and we had an awesome time.
The building was upside down.
The story is that there were scientists trying to capture the power of a hurricane.  Well, it went wrong and the building blew up and out and landed upside down. You walk inside and everything is on the ceiling! lol
Really cool...LOVED this. 

Afterwards we were hungry!! And Five Guys it was!!

Then headed to the Wax Museum. You all.
I will not bore you with the million pictures we took haha
I'll give you some of the best ones. lol Enjoy :) 

We drove around a while, went into some souvenir shops and THEN.
We decided to check out the helicopter rides!!
We had talked about it for a while and tried researching, but we decided to go into the shop and get more info. It didn't take long to sell us on a ride ;)

SOOOO cool!! I am NOT a flier. Hate it. Get sick, scared to death...but, ya gotta just do it! 
Face my fears. Theme of the weekend, I guess. 

Afterwards, we decided why not keep the theme, and we headed to this little fair and rode an amazing ride! Seriously, Matt was uber scared.
It was so cute ;) 
Check it out. 

One of the scariest, most fun things, like, ever!!
We headed back to the cabin, got cleaned up and went to another nice dinner ;) 
We totally took advantage of the game room and pool table the entire weekend, as well. 
I loved it! I suck at it, but Matthew was awesome and totally played long ;)
He kept missing shots to help me out HA

We walked around more shops on Saturday night, bought Nevaeh a few presents, and really just had an amazing time together.

In two years, Matt and I have never been on a trip together.
Yeah, that's just freakin wrong.
We were lucky to be able to get the time and money to do it and it was absolutely worth it.
We had so much fun, we enjoyed each other every minute and I think it really helped our relationship.
You never know how you will be, being around someone for so long, constantly, but we seriously had a blast!
We had fun, we experienced things together we never had before, and we just took the time away from work and 'the real world' to laugh and joke and leave the stress behind...for a couple days.

I loved it. It went WAY too fast :/ And I cannot wait for our next trip :) 
We spent way too much money, laughed too much, and learned more about each other. 
We needed it. 
We needed that time, that space, that experience, and that weekend. 
Granted, on the way home, I got tired and a little cranky, but he was a trooper and just let it blow by! haha
Again, there may or may not have been a dance party on the way home, as well. 
Don't be jealous. You can have your own anytime.

I think we became closer and stronger because of it and I really cannot wait for more of those trips. 
He's my best friend and makes me so happy. 
We've grown a lot together in the past 2 years and we've really been tested. 
God's behind us every step of our way and I am so excited for what's next. 

OH and P.S. Matthew is a moving to Louisville this weekend!! HOLLA!~
WHAT are we going to do, with the opportunity to see each other everyday! 
WHOA...not sure. 
It'll be really weird at first lol.
We've never seen each other more than like 3-4 days in a row, in two years, and I could probably count the times that's happened, with less than a hand of fingers.
Yeah.  It'll be different, but amazing :) 
We'll finally have a more 'normal' relationship seeing each other ;) 

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