Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zoo Day

Matthew and I took Nevaeh to the Louisville Zoo today!.
We haven't been in a year or so, we wanted to get outside and it was a great idea :)
She loves it and we had a good time.
The morning was crazy rainy, but the minute we left, it cleared up, was beautiful most of the morning and didn't get hot till the last hour or so!
The crowds were somewhat bearable and it was really a wonderful day.
Matt and Nevaeh crashed afterwards while I worked lol So I crashed later, after they left.
I am still working on being a good picture taker.
I was also in a pretty irritable mood, thanks to being a girl, once a month! (Insert sarcastic/sad face here)
BUT, I was able to have a really good day with them and I enjoyed it :)
Needless to say, I didn't take too many pictures.  We were too busy watching all the animals.
The morning is better to go because they are all out and usually getting fed!

One of my favorites!! They are always so active and will watch you through the windows and mock you lol One would sit all chill by the window, then quickly jump up and start banging on the glass. LOL People jumped, and it was hilarious. 
Another kept bending down to eat ice, but making sure his rear end was right up on the window for all to see.  These animals are pure class, people!

Their hands are unreal! They are fascinating creatures :) I want one!!

Everyone remember the rare white alligator?!
Yeah, you see him once, you don't really need to see him again, BUT the zoo insisted to bring him back, so of course we had to check it out. 

Peacock that we got really close too! 

AND my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of the zoo!!! 

We got to go inside and see one more up close! I want one so bad! lol 
They are so gorgeous!!

Yea, apparently the metal gate tasted pretty good! Who knew?! Guess all that hay in the back is just for decorations ;) 

And I'm about to fall asleep, so peace out! Tomorrow is daddy day! Don't forget!

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