Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend with the Monkey

I went down to Nashville this past Friday to see my precious nephew!
And of course my sis and bro in-law :) They were the bonus lol
Tell me he is not the cutest thing ever??
Ok, Ok, I get I'm a little biased, but still.  For reals people.
The kid is ALWAYS happy too!
Like, I hope my child is that happy!
He is always smiling and laughing.
Unless he is hungry or tired, does he ever whine or make a peep.
He loves to be doing something and moving and shaking.
I think a huge part is how chill my sis and brother in-law are.
Seriously, it is a really big difference in how children are!
They just love on him and keep the tension to a complete minimum and just enjoy him.
They love and embrace all those moments and cherish him growing up ;)
I haven't seen him in like a month and that is just way too long.
I definitely got my fix this weekend!
Friday night I didn't get there till late, cause of work, but I did get a few snuggles with him before he headed to bed.
We played a game that night.
No joke.
I can't remember what it's called, but basically there are a stack of cards that have a fill in the blank or a question, etc.
Then you have 10 cards in your hands with words or phrases.
You have to pick one of your cards that best matches or fills in the main card shown.
That totally makes sense right??
My mom is thinking right now, "She's got that left handed explanation going on"
All you lefties out there are on the same page as me.
You get it.
All you righties? Well, tough luck. Maybe I'll remember the name of the game by the end of those post.
Doubtful though. My memory sucks.
SOOO, Saturday, they were getting their carpets cleaned! YAY
So we spent a chunk of the morning moving a lot of furniture upstairs and picking up.
I entertained the monkey.  Clearly!

So after a morning nap, clean carpets, and of course some shopping!! 
We decided that it was such a beautiful day, we needed to milk it up. 
The park it was! 

This one is my favorite :) He was tired... But such a sweet face.
We ended up putting everything back together in their bonus room upstairs, since the carpets had dried.
They wanted to rearrange all the furniture, etc. So we did!
Here they were contemplating on a DVD rack to get for their, wait for it......ALMOST 400 DVD's.
I kid not.
Max was less than amused. 
So, Chels and I headed out and picked up two DVD racks.  
Super cute!
Dark wood, with sliding doors. 
While we put those together, Barrett zip tied every cord imaginable.  
Considering they have every nintendo, Xbox, Play Station, game box, DVD players, cable box, who knows what else, there were a lot of cords.
The kid knows how to work those zip ties. 
Pretty sure we made a few Shades of Grey references in there. 
And then it got weird.
SO, we made dinner, and just enjoyed chilling with the monkey and hanging out. 
I left Sunday morning during his morning nap. 
BUT not before I got a sweet video of Bubba doing this hand thing!
I have no idea why I love it so much, but seriously, he is always moving his fingers on his right hand.
It's is awesome!
He is just so curious and interested in everything!!
I cannot wait to see him again :)
He'll be walking and talking up a storm!
OH, and one more thing.
You'll get over it. 
Let me gloat about my nephew for a minute.
He talks back.
True story. Yes he's only 9 months, but he does these noises and if you mock him, he totally mocks you back! haha and then sometimes he gets SUPER excited and squeals at the top of his lungs. 
It's hilarious. lol


Robin said...

What a cutie! I think it's so great that your sister and BIL's calmness transferred to you nephew. Life has to be way more fun without stress and tension.

also, laughed out loud at your 50 shades reference! never look at cords the same way again.

jes @ twosmuppies said...

BAHHH! I miss my nieces. This is stinking cute.

bdunn20 said...

The game is called: "Cards Against Humanity"

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

I am definitely not always happy.

Your nephew probably could teach me a trick or two.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

he is the 2nd cutest thing ever. my nephew is first :) ... my nephew who I will be seeing this Friday! eek! and he gets to meet sherman for the first time. It should be interesting. I just hope sherm doesn't smack him with his tail.