Friday, June 15, 2012

Remember Me?

Hey, hey, hey! Long time...this I know. So what have I been up to?

Well, a week ago yesterday, I got asked to take over a jewelry show, in Lexington. So that week was taken up with cleaning my jewelry, packing it up, getting prepped, etc.
Me = a hot mess/nervous wreck.
Show went great! :) Friday I got to hang out with my parents, their neighbors AND the monkey!
My parents had to pick him up Thursday night to watch him for a day because the nanny had an emergency.
It happens.
They went down to Nashville Saturday and I offered dog duty.
Therefore I was in the OC (Oldham County), yes, I think I'm cool, for the weekend.
Max loved it. He got some quality time with his aunties :)

I also went out with Matthew for a couple hours Saturday, to look at apartment! :) I am excited to have him closer! We will get to have a 'normal' relationship and see each other more than once or twice a week! Made my day ;)
He found one.
It's close and pretty awesome.
I'm really excited for him and I know he is, too!
So, what did I do with my Saturday night, you ask??
I read for 4. Yes, I wrote that correctly. FOUR hours!
I love to read. Period. Best thing ever.
And I don't get a ton of time to do it, but when I find a good book, I'll FIND the time to read these days and boy have I found a good book!
Correction, series :)

If you haven't heard of this book. I don't even know what to say to that.
And if you haven't read this book, yet, what are you still reading this post for? Get out there and get it!
Do it.
Ok, you can finish reading first, but I promise it will not disappoint.
Now, I warn you, if you are easy to blush, you might want to read this book, in a closet, with a flashlight, in the middle of the night, when no one is awake.
Yes, it is a bit racy? I do admit to that, but the story! And people I am not kidding with this!
The storyline and the characters is what makes it!
I read the first book in two days.
The second one, in almost a day.
And I am on the third and final one. I haven't read it as fast, but I think I'm just trying to make it last longer.
I'll be so disappointed when I'm done reading them!
It's a series I will go back and read again, I'm sure.
Obviously, I have an amazing social life, given I read for 4 straight hours on a Saturday night.
Don't judge.
Sunday, consisted of a new Church and lunch with one of my mom's best friends Lori. She's precious.
And hilarious! True story.
You never know what will come out of her mouth :)
My grandma, Butch, and one of my aunts came in town on Monday!

This brave woman, just had a mastectomy a few weeks ago. She looks great though! And is doing awesome :) 

I didn't get to see them Monday because I had Premier training, which was AWESOME! LOVE that business and the ladies. 
Anyway, so I went out to pizza with them on Tuesday! 

 This may or may not have happened.  The poor kid is tortured! LOL He never did get a bite of that sausage pizza...sucker! hehe He loves his auntie :)

Wednesday, Matthew got to come with me to my parents and hang out with everyone for a while. 
Of course we played 65. 
Best. Game. Ever. 
I think I lost both games, but whatever :) 
And last night, Matthew took me to the Old Spaghetti Factory! 
He'd never been. 
WOW...I had no words.
It was delicious! and then we watched half of Old School! lol 
He'd never seen it! This kid is deprived! 
There are endless things he's never experienced or knows about! 
I love it, though, cause I learn something new and I can teach him things :) Challenge him a bit. 
He needed to go and get to bed, though.  
Working world is overrated. True story. 
I'll be finishing the movie tonight. :) 
And that brings us to tonight! WOW.
I have got to finish imputing orders from the show and letting the hostesses know how much they got in free jewelry! HOLLA!! :) 
And I haven't cleaned in like 2 weeks. Which is tragic. 
I'm super anal. It's embarrassing and no one even comes to my house. lol 

Tomorrow we are taking the little one to the zoo! Going early in the morning to beat the crowds, the heat, and hopefully still have time for a nap later!! 

I'll be back more often now.  Gonna make it happen.
I've missed blogging :/ 


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