Friday, June 22, 2012


So, I'm an over packer. Sue me.
Ok, I was just kidding about that, cause I don't have any money.
It's invested in my closet.
Which is why I am a horrible over packer.
Seriously. How do people do it?
I have co-workers who seem to be gone, like, every. single. week.
I would die!
I'm going to Boston for three and a half days.
So it should be easy! One nicer dinner, and basically chill clothes by the beach.
Done and done.
BUT nooooo. Not for this girl!
Why do I have to be so girly sometimes?? lol
Cause it's who I am and I actually love it. But, sometimes, it gets too much.
It stresses me out and it makes me want more clothes. Or different one's, or wish I had more time and maybe money to invest in it.
I'm a good bargain shopper.
I don't buy things full price. Except Gap Jeans. Cause they are amazing and it's a must.
Ok, back to packing.
So, I'm packing for Boston tonight and I'm in one of those moods where nothing looks good anyway.
NOT a good mood for packing! WHAT??
So, I laid out stuff ALL over my bed. lol
It was covered in clothes!
I think I've got a good 'bank' of clothes.
2 outfits a day.
I'm really indecisive.
I tend to put on something, then change and wear something else.
Or go to sleep thinking I'll wear one outfit, and wake up wanting something totally different lol
So, I try to take options on a trip, but that's hard.
Especially, when I am only taking a carry-on.
Yupp! This girl, is packing a carry-on for three and a half days.
That's insane!
I'm surprisingly good at packing a small suitcase though lol
I can be a little thrifty.
We shall see.
I should have started early this week, but laundry was not done, and I just didn't feel like it.
So, I'll sleep on it tonight.
And probably change my mind by the time I leave tomorrow night to stay at my parents.
They are generously taking me to the airport at the crack O dawn!
Flight leaves at 7:30?? Something like that.
So, I figured I'd be nice and not make them get up super early to come pick me up :)
Plus, they are watching Max, and it'd be easier if he's already there!
I'm thinking of things I want to take for options of outfits as I write this post.
I have a problem.
I need to go to overpackers/too many clothes anonymous o something..
Wish me luck!
Recap of the trip when I get back! :)
Maybe an old post or two while I'm gone.

Laters, babies! (Anyone who can reference that, is one of my new best friends!)

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