Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, HAAPPPYY Anniversary!
2 years ago today, my sister married her best friend.
Surprisingly, I actually remember a good chunk of the day!
Must have been the cinnamon whisky.
A lot of this happened the fews days before the wedding.
Be jealous.

There is that dang whisky again!
I still have half of those plastic shot glasses...
Anyway, the morning was crappy and rainy.  True story.
But, by late morning, early afternoon it was beautiful!
And ridiculously hot. And she chose black dresses for us. Thanks sis!
She had planned everything so well, that the week before, was so chill.
And the day of? We were able to relax a bit and take it slow.

I miss that tan...two weddings in a summer will do that to ya!
No more tanning bed for me, though.
We had breakfast, my hair dresser came to the house and started the hair do's, nails, and makeup
My dad and the guys were getting last minute stuff to the church, and wrangling everyone together.
My best friends brother was the photographer. He's amazing.
If you aren't married and need a photographer? Message me. He does not disappoint in his pics.
The limo came and picked us up and we headed to the Church!
We waited in what we call the 'library' of our Church lol

A tiny little conference room; basically.
With all the shades shut so no one could see us ha!
We were so top secret!
Runaway Bride reenactment anyone??

Everything went amazing and she looked beautiful :)

One of my favorite pics from the reception!

Who's the blubbering mess on the left? 
Yeah, that me. Don't judge. I didn't write down a speech. Pulled the ole, I know what I'm gonna say, It'l be FIIINNNEEEE. 
I am not sure what I said. I just know I cried through, oh, ALL of it. 

My handiwork in tying tiny bows and little bitty boxes. 
Thanks for that great idea sis! :) You're welcome! lol 

Anyway, to get to the point, it's been two great years and many more are to come.  They've known each other for WAY longer than that and were awesome friends before that. 
They've really built a life in Nashville and have expanded their little family ;)

They are really teaching him to be a stand up, respectful, citizen, huh?? 

So, happy anniversary lovey and Barrett! Love you all! 

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