Saturday, June 30, 2012


Warning: Picture overload!!!

Hey there!! So I'm finally back from Boston! Can't wait to share my trip with you!
I stayed at my parents last Friday night, so my dad could take me to their airport at the butt crack o dawn.
For a Saturday 5:45 is ridiculous.
BUT I love her and it was worth it.
I got to Boston around 11:15 am.
Ever been to Boston? Big city?
It's all transit systems. Kind of cool, kind of creepy, kind of dirty, kind of way confusing!
Takes about an hour to get from the airport to her apartment.
Mileage between her apartment and the airport?
OH....maybe 5? Yupp!
But it's makes the experience and trip that much better ;)
She didn't get off the bus when she picked me up, so I basically had to throw my luggage on and jump as it drove by!
I kid. I kid.
So, we got to her end of town, grabbed a smoothie, went and made some lunch and hung out.
It was so great to see her! It's only been like 3 months, but still.
What did we do for like 3 hours? Umm.. watch Dawson's Creek reruns! DUH.

Her boyfriend Andrew came home from work and I'm pretty sure exact verbiage was...
"Bean, did you really come all the way to Boston to watch TV?"
hahaha YUPP! This is what Kass and I do!
We decided to get up and go for a walk around this awesome reservoir she has like .10 miles from her apartment ;)
It's a 1.6 mile loop, beautiful afternoon, and it starts getting cloudy and dark in the opposite direction.
We get like a mile in and it's thundering, lightning, starting to sprinkle...then we did this.

Yeah, that happened. We are super cool!
We went back, got cleaned up, and went out to dinner. Thankfully, it stopped raining by that time, so we were able to walk around the city most of the night :)
Dinner time at an awesome wine bar!

And then, because I'm more than a little obsessed with all things sweet? AND Boston is the place for AMAZEBALL cannoli's?!
Yupp, we went to Mikes!

I got two. I am ashamed...not really. I didn't eat them both that night. Come on. I'm not that crazy! 
Had to savor the other one! Which I ate, after we ran...yeah.

ANYWAY...Sunday morning we got up early, rented a car, packed it with camping stuff and headed to the cape! 

We stopped for lunch and some groceries, then headed to the camp site. They were closed for lunch so we headed out to get drinks for the beach :) Then headed to the beach! Like .10 miles. Ridiculous!

AND then it was beach time...

OH, and tent building! :)

We headed out to Ptown (Province Town) and drove around, walked out on a rock pier and just enjoyed the night.  It's so beautiful there! I would love to live by the beach... 
The weather was amazing and it was even a little cool, which I love! The days were warm and the evenings/nights were perfect sweatshirt/shorts weather :)

We got up Monday, packed everything up and headed back to Boston. We drove around a few other beaches first, and then the rain poured the whole way back! :/ blah...but thankfully, Kass doesn't show me when she gets sick of me! lol And we had a blast the whole time. Except for the traffic. ha
When we dropped the rental car off they were gracious enough to take us back to her apartment, but the street was closed, which meant we ran through the rain lol

We went out shopping for the afternoon, once it stopped raining, and when Andrew got off work we headed to a little cove place. lol No idea what it was called, but it had delicious french friend and soft serve ice cream! 

Tell me this is not ridiculously amazing...So peaceful...

AND the next morning we got up, ran, and headed to the airport. Sad day to leave...I wanna go back!!! 

Such a great time!! 

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