Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

AND We're back to What I'm Lovin Wednesday! 

I'm Loving...

- that my pool opens this weekend!

- I get to see my Molls again this weekend :) Girls day at the pool! 

- that Matthew got so sick of me saying my chairs looked nasty and I needed to paint them surprised me and painted my aderondack chairs!! Thank you darlin! They look so pretty now!

- that in T-minus one month, I get to go to Boston to see my love! aka Kassface and Drewface!

- that I decided to go with a new A/C unit because it's gonna be 90...yes, you saw that right in the 90's this weekend! I seriously might die before August. True Story. I hate that kind of heat.

- that all of my sales managers are coming in town for training next week! I rarely get to see any of them, so I'm excited!

- that my aunt's breast cancer surgery went well and she's doing good.

- that I get to see my nephew soooonnn! :) 

- that I'm halfway through the Hunger Games book and login it!! 

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