Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bestie Weekend

My amazing best friend Molly, graduated Law School this weekend. 
You heard me :)
So, I did what anyone would do and spent the weekend with her! Duh! She only lives an hour and a half away, so that's a no brainer.  
I definitely did NOT get up there enough to see her, but thankfully she comes home a lot and is a forgiving friend :)
So, let me fill you in, first, on my cursed weekend. Friday, I took a half day from work.  
I wanted to get my hair done and colored, something different and a bit drastic, and I wanted to pack of the weekend, and just relax a bit.  
It's been a while.  
So, I did just that. 
And after running some errands, getting much needed stuff done, I was ready for my hair.
1. my hairdresser texted to say the air went out. Ok, no buggy...I can handle it.
2. The salon called ON MY WAY THERE, to say a truck, yes, a truck, ran into their building and knocked out their electricity! 
What? Who does that happen to! lol 
So, I sucked it up and pouted the whole way home and called everyone to complain drove home with no worries, knowing I can wait another week or so. 
I then discover, some crazy storms coming through, making me leave later than I thought...but again, no biggie, I'm cool as a cucumber, in this 95 degree heat! OH, AND an air conditioner that isn't working :)

OK, I get to Molly's and have a wonderful Friday night of girl talk, wine, and hanging out.
Saturday, we were scheduled for a spa day :) Her parents got her a package for 2 and I got to go! 
Well, facial, check! perfect, amazing, loved it!!! Would definitely like one of those again!
Next, massage!
OOHHHHHH, but wait.  Remember when I got the shingles?? Like 2 weeks ago?? Ok, so pregnant women in their third trimester and anyone with compromised immune systems are apparently a no go to be around.
Thankfully, my masseuse was not 20 weeks preggers! 
So, no massage, but that was OK, wouldn't want to ever 
put someone in that position or harm a little baby. 
No, thank you.
So, I wait in a precious little quiet room with a double mimosa, and wait for Molly.
THEN, find out I don't get my pedicure....I'm sorry, what? Yeah, the girl was like 12, not really but she was young, and have never had the chicken pox!?! What??? 
So, the salon was AMAZING.  Comped my facial and gave the credit to Molly to come back to get whatever. 
OH, and free lunch! SOLD.
We decided to head back and shower up, hang out a bit and get our own mani's and pedi's :) 
First, we waited for like an hour, THEN, I sat in the pedi chair for like 35 minutes! While Molly's toes got all pretty and painted and her manicure started....
I sadly, just got a manicure because I wasn't about to make her wait even longer.
It was her weekend and she deserved everything. 
Bonus? We almost forgot it was Cindo de Mayo!! 
Total excuse for mexican and margaritas celebrating! 
Sunday, was a great day.  We got to go to Crossroads Church, which I LOVE! 
Then headed to the Monroe, OH outlets! Woop!! 
AND, that afternoon was a celebration with her family and friends before her graduation!!!
I cannot, CANNOT, tell you how proud I am of her! I have such amazing best friends.  
They are uber smart! My goodness! 
I am such a lucky girl, to have amazing girls in my life. 
Here is a precious peek at her family and her other best friend Rachel and her daughter Jules :) SO cute.

And to show you how hilarious her brothers are?? Yeah, I adore her family, and their sense of humor is amazing lol I am always laughing around her and her brothers.  We have such a great time and always enjoy the company.  Wish  I got to see them more, though!! :/

 I leave you with us :) Molly's best friend Rachel, Molly, Jules (Rachel's daughter), and well, me!

I wish I could still be hanging out with her :) And hopefully time will go quickly, as she will be moving back to Louisville after the bar in July!! Please.
Keep her in your prayers as she studies for the Bar!! 
She's going to do amazing, but could sell use the support and love :) 

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Anonymous said...

How fun!! Congrats to your friend - what a big accomplishment. And I just love the manicure...I wish my nails could grow long - I'm an avid nail-biter. Oops!