Saturday, April 14, 2012

Welcome to my Closet

I'm going to start this post asking that once you see the pictures of my closet? I beg you not to call hoarders or What Not to Wear - Wait - PLEASE call What Not to Wear! Would LOVE to be on that show! I've been telling my mom that I will hang up all my running t-shirts and wear work out clothes for the two week "secret filming", just so I can go on that show! True story. I'm that big of a loser, plus I met Stacy London! I have a picture to prove it and NO it was not Photoshopped. Ask Kass, she'll tell you! ;)

OK, so back to what I actually wanted to write about.  The disaster of my shopping addiction. OH, you didn't know? Well, let's just say I thank God often for giving me parents who taught me about money, cause other wise? This gal would be like Pheobe living in a box, with a pet fox, wearing get the point. 

I want to start purging my closet to items I actually  wear on a regular basis.  NOT keeping things I see and say, I'll totally wear that! AND months go by. Yeah, I do that. I'm like it's so cute, why don't I wear it? And then I'll put it on to wear and think, this is why I don't wear this much lol.  Or I'll try a bunch on when I'm not in the mood for trying things on or don't feel good about myself. I have issues. :)

Let me give you exhibit A. Please excuse the iPhone photos... 

a head on shop of my closet.  (I couldn't even get it all in)
Now, let me tell you that this includes t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, dress pants, some sweaters, and a handful of dresses.  OH and a column of shelves, on the left, filled with scarves, workout clothes, and sweatpants/pj pants.  

The floor?? Exhibit B.

Mind you, on the right? There are tons of flats, hidden under the bottom row of clothes.  True story.  I love me some shoes! AND note, my boots are not in this closet. WOW..
The are over in my second bedroom closet! That's a crappy picture. My apologies. 

Need more? No? Well, you're getting it :)
Exhibit C, the right side of my closet....Confession: I actually used to separate by colors.  No joke.  Do you all know how much work that is? And upkeep? That latest about a day. Now, I use the search method and complain I have nothing to wear lol

You know you're wondering about my handbags, right? Well, this part I can proudly say I used to have, probably, double? triple? Yeah, I changed a bag almost daily for like a year.  Talk about work! I treat them well, don't I? Only one is genuinely real in this pile. And I think it's in the middle of the disaster in the second pic. Poor Kate Spade :(

We're getting to the end promise! 
On to the other bedroom.  The last few months, I've been getting stuff together to send to a consignment shop and give to Goodwill.

But for now? They sit here...
Just chilling on the couch I've kept for the past 2 years.  

And the other closet.

Long sleeve t-shirts from races, etc.  A chunk of summer clothes and again shelves with 'crap'. I don't even know lol

Then we have hoodies, more sweaters, and some fleeces.  People the bottom shelve to hang clothes in here is {insert gasp} EMPTY! I need to go shopping!! I kid. I kid.  Kind of. 

SO, there you have it.  This girl is a hoarder of clothes, yet, I actually wear A LOT of them. Which means, when I do laundry, it's like 3-4 loads lol 

I write this to try and be better about what I wear and get some staple outfits that can be changed up.  I read something, can't remember where sorry, people were challenging themselves to about 15-20 items for a month? Basically saying, so many pieces can be worn in multiple ways.  Creating different outfits.  It's amazing how wearing one piece, say a shirt, can completely change an outfit from pants to a skirt, or adding a necklace.  Yupp!

It's time.  It's time to really work through my closet and get some pieces I enjoy to wear and purge it enough to start getting more Pinterest inspired things! haha 

Hope you lovelies have a great weekend!! Be jealous with me that my dad is in Myrtle Beach and my mom is headed to Turks & Caicos.  Yeah, must be nice to be retired and have friends to travel with so much :) I know they'll have a fabulous time.  And I get to watch the girls for a few days, so Max will be super excited to have his Aunties around for a bit :) 


Bethany said...

Your shoe collection looks amazing! Have a great weekend :)

Cassandra Henri said...

I wish I had your shoe collection!