Monday, April 16, 2012

{Steps on soap box}

Alright all you lovelies out there. Help me out with this one.  Am I being too feminist when I get so incredibly frustrated with idiotic guys who cat call? Or stare and are OBVIOUS about it? Or try the silly one liners? What is it?? Do they actually get anyone true attention doing this? 

Seriously, I don't get it.  I'm not saying I, personally get them a lot, but some random guy was in my neighborhood and called "hey guurll", while I was outside with the dogs.  Was he expecting me to run over to him and chat it up? Fall under his magical spell and be madly in love with him in minutes? 

As someone with zero a ton of patience, I want to call them out and smack some sense into the, be understanding and figure out why this quality is attractive.  Maybe it's me? 

Regardless, It's not cute, respectful, or even remotely attractive.  And those who call out car windows? Follow up around...Do they not think anyone sees them?? lol I love me some people watching and I've seen one too many nasty guys following girls around or throwing out the stupid pick up lines. 

Now, to turn the tables, all you girls who actually fall for that stuff?? You are the one's wearing short skirts, tight shirts, things hanging out, and WAY too much skin showing for comfort and not even in a classy way.  I wish I could carry a full length mirror around and put it in front of them and ask, "Seriously?" I mean, is that what they want?  To be treated like an object that guys can disrespect?  To be called out at and seen as this thing, rather than a person?

What happened to class? Are times really all that different? Or did parents just get lazy and stop caring as much. Do they just not want to deal with the confrontation? The attitude of a teenager? What is it? Come on! Show your kids how they should be treated! AND how they should treat others...It really is not that hard.  It's as simple as one conversation and you could turn it all around.  But it also takes one time to fall for that or think that that is OK or  think in any way, shape, or form "normal", to be raped, beaten, or killed.  

Ladies, respect yourselves! Times are different! Be who you want to be and prove to the world you are worth it.  You deserve a chance and a spot in this world.  God has a purpose for us all.  At least give him some time to show you what that is before you throw it all away for some nasty guys who don't even care about you.  

I'm just sayin'...

{Steps off soap box}


The Sweet Life said...

Girl, I am 100% with you. I just got yelled at by a guy driving down the street earlier when I took my dog out. It's so disrespectful and disgusting when guys do that. I could never imagine wanting that kind of attention....and especially not from the kind of guys giving it. Ughhh grosses me out just thinking about it.

A group of friends and I actually went out to dinner at a Japanese place last night and I guess because I was dateles, he kept making inappropriate jokes towards me and it made me so def hurt his tip. I almost wanted to complain, but just let it go.
I think I needed to get all of that off of my chest so thanks for the soap box. :)
I feel better.

Cassandra Henri said...

I am totally with you as well. I HATE it when guys whistle/call out at you. Especially when I'm just walking down the street, it makes me SO UNCOMFORTABLE. W

Jenna said...

LOVE THIS!!!! I always wonder, "Really?! What are you hoping to achieve by this?!"

Whenever my friend and I go running, guys always yell stupid things when they drive by. It seriously makes so sense at all seeing as we look absolutely gross running (sweating, wearing oversized gym clothes, red get the picture! lol). It's just so disrespectful!