Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RITM Reunion

I've worked a lot of jobs in my time.  Yes, I'm only 26, but let me tell you...I won't even bore you with the number or the different types of jobs, but there were a couple that I loved.  Probably 3 to be exact.  
1. My very first job at Graeter's Ice Cream.  Hands down, best first job EVER! Had the best managers, owners, crew, everything was awesome.  We worked hard and played hard.  Had way too much fun for 'work'! lol
2. Rabbit in the Moon.  (Hence the title, RITM) A children's boutique?! PRESH. And a co-worker of mine bought it with her mom right after I left there.  They have made it so cute! (not that it wasn't before), but it is completely a reflection of them and I love that. We had so much fun there too and I loved learning how a 'small business' worked.  The owner when I worked, was great about letting me learn and be involved in a lot of the business aspect of it.  (this is where this post is going. I'll get there, promise)
3. Starbucks. And I'm dead serious on this! Yeah, the 4 am alarm was NOT my best friend, and my friends, family, professors, and brain took a few weeks to adjust, but people are happy when they have their coffee and to be the one to serve that to them fresh, hot and delicious? Pretty awesome. PLUS, bonus working morning shift because I loved getting to know the 'regular's'. I would start making their drink(s) when I saw them walking in from the parking lot.  I knew their name, most by their drinks lol, but it made it more personable.  I love coffee, so to work somewhere and learn so much about it, on top of generally happy people? It rocked! 

SO, a few of us got together the other night :) It's a bummer not everyone was able to make it, but that just makes the next meeting even better and sooner! These are amazing ladies.  No joke.  Each different in their own way, but so special.  They have huge hearts, great personalities, so funny and light hearted, they just enjoy life and the things given to them.  We all have our 'issues', our hardships, our 'things we don't really like to talk about', but we also know we can confide in each other for support and love.  No judgements, no negative comments, just ears to listen, shoulders to cry and advice to give, if needed.  We range from mid twenties and up and we get along so well.  We talked for a few hours, ate, and just caught up on each others lives! I haven't been able to make the past couple outings and i was really glad to be a part of this one.
I don't have friends I can call any day and hang out with or have that consistent interaction with.  It bums me out major, but life goes on and thanks to technology, I've got the phone, texting and FaceTime :) Point of the story is it was so great to have a 'girls night out' with such great women.  A chance for me to just be me with people who know me and are genuine and just have a good time.  A night to 'escape' a bit and just relax.

With a full time job, a part time job, Church responsibilities, a dog, family, friends, boyfriend, house, future, and life to try and put together, I guess I find it hard to find time to go places and make friends.  How do you make more friends at 26? lol I think part of this blog was to start meeting more people.  And while I've met a few (virtually lol), they don't live down the street.  Maybe that means I need a blogger meet up?? :)

Either way, it was a much needed girls night and it was so great to see these women again after so long! Loved it!

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Ashlee :) said...

Sounds like you've had some pretty good jobs!
How great would a blogger meet up be in Kentucky?!