Monday, April 23, 2012


I can be a HUGE procrastinator.  I think it's usually for things I don't want to do?! Make sense?

OK, hear me out.  I can be great at getting things done, at work, I'm really good at this.  Not an overachiever by any means, lol but it gets done, correctly and in plenty of time.
I am NOT a phone person! Unless, I really know you and I have plenty to say.  Otherwise, I am horrible at sending people to voicemail.  Then I see what they want, and choose to call them back when I'm ready.  I know that's horrible! And not a good quality, but I have this phone phobia! It just makes me nervous. haha I have no idea why...but it hasn't changed much, so I'm thinking it won't ever be much better, but I do try.
Sometimes I am just so exhausted. I am so introverted that being around people all day, makes it hard to talk to people all night.  I really need my down time to recharge and regroup. 
Believe it or not, I have my lazy days.  More often than I probably should, but it makes me put stuff off.  Like cleaning, laundry, returning phone calls lol, sending out bills (I'm never late - online bill pay rocks my world! And scheduling them!), running errands or who knows what...

I always get things done, but I'm going to attribute this to my horrible, horrible memory.  No. Joke.  I have the worst! The WORST memory! And it's long term.  I have few childhood memories that I actually remember.  I've seen videos, pictures, heard numerous stories and yet, I still don't remember being in those moments.  My memories are random and a little cloudy...It's really sad, actually.  Makes me scared to not remember much of my marriage or kids after a few years... Guess, maybe part of my blogging is so I can go back to those memories.  I also need to get a camera to take better/more pictures! (See I keep forgetting to do this!!)

Anyway, it's a random post, but I don't know how to overcome it! I don't ever want it to upset or frustrate people.  I worry about my jewelry business and my future store.  I pray God knows what I need and hands me what I can overcome.
A lot may even come from fear.  Fear of confrontation, disappointing someone, not being able to deliver what someone needs?! I am a people pleaser.  I want everyone to be happy. I want to do what I can for them, but then sometimes I just forget! And then it spirals out of control... Or I get in this funk of just wanting to be by myself, doing who knows what! ha 


I really just need to find my place in this world.  Why God chose me to be here, now, and what I need to do to accomplish his will for me. 

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Kate said...

haha - i hate talking on the phone too lol... unless it's like my parents or my hubby... aaaand maybe my grandmother. please, just send a text.

and don't even get me started on the procrastination thing! lol