Monday, April 9, 2012

Long Island Medium

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! I know I sure did!

Have you all heard of the show, Long Island Medium? No, well allow me to introduce...

Theresa Caputo. Star of Long Island Medium on TLC. Sunday nights. 

A little bit about her? She has two kids, a daughter and son, husband, and spoiled dog :)  Number 1. she's ridiculous hilarious. 2. Her gift? She communicates with those that have passed. 3. Her family cracks me up. 4. She's just pretty much amazing.

This woman not only has a huge heart, but so much energy and laughter and genuine enjoyment in life.  She adores her family and wants nothing more than to help people grieve, move forward, let go of anger or questions about those in their lives that have passed. 

I am mildly over the top obsessed with this show.  I get so excited when it comes on Sundays, that I usually can't wait till the next day to watch it. (I tape way too many things and it comes on later/tape it later. don't judge).

She lives on Long Island, hence the name of the show.  ;) Has an accent like no other from New York lol and always has a big smile on her face.

I've always believed in spirits living past this life.  I think it's amazing that we were created to be such incredible beings and that just because our human bodies are no longer here on earth, does not mean we are completely gone all together.  Our spirits are not 'tangible'.  They are always around and it's such an incredible feeling knowing that those who've passed are happier than we will ever know to understand until we meet them again.

I get chills when I watch this show.  I know so many think these things are staged, that they set it up, make her say things, interveiw people beforehand and get all the information, but it's ridiculous.  Without knowing Theresa, I can bet she would never do anyting like that for 'show'.  She takes her gift from God seriously and wants to help others communicate with loved ones.  She'll say things that no one else might know, but one individual.  That's a lot of the 'validation' of spirits being present. 

She's is funny because she says they are always around.  Always talking and saying things, always pointing out loved one's they want to talk to. She 'reads' people anywhere and everywhere and some of the most skeptical people have loved ones step forward from the other side to give a message of love and that they are OK. 

I am more humbled by it every episode.  She's spoken to spirits of young children who have died, a 6 month old that passed and it is just incredible to me the gift God's given this woman and the fact that he's able to have people connect with others from Heaven. 

I don't know your beliefs, I don't know your faith and I don't know where you stand, but watch this show once and your whole prespective might change.  I'm just saying.

I want to go to this woman.  I want to take my mom and I would love to be able to connect with those we've lost.  It's a great sense of closure and connection.  Knowing they are always there with you in spirit...

Happy Monday lovelies!


sophistifunk said...

i really want to watch this show! thanks for introducing me to it :)

Cassandra Henri said...

I saw her on Anderson! I don't know if I would say I'm a 'believer' but gee... shes good.