Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Let's just get it started!

It's OK...

- that I had a night of comfy clothes, DVR, blogs, snacks, and 'me' time. 

- that I'm super nervous about my show this weekend...

- that I had to give Max 2 baths this week because his hair is so long and his meds make his biznass a little, let's say soft? Yeah, TMI, but you'll live.

- that I went to bed at 9:50 the other night?? lol Long day! Didn't sleep the night before.  It was glorious ;)

-that I have 3 books started right now and I want to start the Hunger Games!

- that I got a SAWEET return on el taxes! 

- that my tax return is going straight in el banko! 

- that one of my BFF's (yeah, I just said that), is coming home in just over a month!!! AND

- that I am going up to see her this summer!?! Cannot wait!

- that I am almost as excited for the birth of my best friends babies as they are?? lol 

- that I paint my nails at least twice a week

- that I've added 3 new sitcoms to my ridiculous TV addiction lol wow...

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Neely said...

DVR blogs and me time are a must!