Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I thank God for this day, because 27 years ago, he brought a gorgeous woman in to this world.   And 16 years later, he united us as best friends.  

She one of the most beautiful girls I know and when you meet her? She's even more beautiful.  Her heart, seriously people, is full of gold and she is the most loyal person I've met in my entire life.  
She is a friend who I could call at 2:30 in the morning and she'd be in the car on her way to me, without questions.  She makes you feel special and she's is always smiling.  She can see the positive and the reality of it all.  
The two of us together can laugh for hours! lol We are so goofy together and we are actually really similar and never fight.  We understand who each other is and we have each others back to the end.  We respect decisions and support each other no matter what.  
I'd do anything for this girl.  She's like another sister to me.  She's also ridiculously smart, (I must attract super smart friends, Kass is a Harvard graduate school grad and Molls is almost out of Law School). I hope I can at least make them feel smarter being around me! lol And they definitely get some good laughs :)
Anyway, today is her birthday and I wish I could spend it with her! She's in her last few months of Law School and is hard core studying for the bar exam.  I have full confidence she will kick that tests butt! No question!
She's such an amazing person and friend and I love that, although I wish I could talk to her daily, we don't have to and we can pick up where we left off.  I can always turn to her for advice or picking me up when I'm down.  She tells it like it is, but in the best way possible and I adore her.  And I adore her family.  She's the big sister to two younger brothers, who btw, are just as amazing in their own ways and a father who absolutely adores her. 
She's going to make a difference in this world and touch so many lives along the way.  I cannot wait to see her begin to live her dreams and I'm extremely lucky to be a part of that. 
We've been through so much together and I love that.  We've been with each other through heart aches and let downs, falling in love and fulfilling dreams.  We've experienced a lot and grown closer because of certain situations.  
I can't imagine not having her in my life and I pray that God continues to bless her and her family.  
Love you Molls! Happy Birthday gorgeous!

Keeneland with her family last year

My parents annual Christmas party 2011

A visit to her in Northern Kentucky 2011, I think :) 

UK final four game at the YUM Center! 2012

Her and her precious brothers. Beautiful family, right??

Birthday girl!! 

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Bethany said...

There is nothing like having a best friend like this! What a sweet post!