Monday, April 16, 2012

Bloggers - I Need Help!

I'm hoping that enough people read my blog and are willing to help a rookie (well kind of a rookie) out!

Anyone noticed my background keeps changing? Yeah, I need to stop that.  I just can't seem to find something I really like and I just don't have the money to get someone to design it, right now.  Hopefully in the next 6 or 7 months that will happen, but for now? I'm trying to find my 'style'.  I'll stop for a bit.  IT's got to be annoying! lol 

I want to find something that is a reflection of me.  I see so many blogs who've established buttons and designs and stationary and they can write on their pics and use photoshop like it's no one business!!

So, I write this for help.  Ideas of programs, suggestions for blog style, and/or designers to help with that. I use my Mac a lot for blogging and want to learn more about it and different things I can use on it.  Anyone who knows apple products well, I'm all ears for suggestions or apps or design programs! ;) I'm a pretty quick learner on that stuff.  

One thing I don't know well, is coding.  I'm OK with html, but it takes me a bit.  

And when or do I, change to a url and get rid of my blogspot? I think I've got time on that and probably a lot more learning behind the scenes, but I would love a direct website :) 

I'm not the most creative person at all.  I get visions in my head, but can't always execute or find exactly what I want. 

Some of my favorite blogs, with the 'whole package', meaning content, personality, and design? 

Check it out!

Keep Calm & Carry On - if you haven't stumbled upon her page? You will only need to read one post and you're hooked. I've never met her and she's hilarious, genuine, super creative, and has a heart of gold. 

Living in Yellow - No? I find myself laughing OUT LOUD all the time.  She keeps it real, she keeps it light, and she knows what's up.  I adore her.  She's super helpful and it's seems like the posts she writes, is exactly what I need to hear.  She's adorable. 

Momma's Desire & Pacifiers - I again find myself laughing out loud all of the time, but also knowing that she is so sweet and loves life.  She is adored by her husband and kids and again, keeps it real.  She is someone who wants to live life, not wait for it.  

Life According to Crystal - She's relatable and true and open and honest.  She makes it easy to like her and understand where she's at.  She's also getting married in just a month or two and has tons of precious ideas and fun!!

There are TONS more, believe me, I follow so many blogs! But with styles etc, those are some examples.  I have an awesome 'bank' of reads daily, that I absolutely love!

I need help.  True Story.  


Erin said...

Awww you are way too sweet for mentioning me. Thank you so much :) I also adore the blogs you mentioned (along wiht yours...duh). I think your design looks great! You can always try googling free blog templates--or look into purchasing a premade template for less money? Regardless, just keep doin what your doin...Love :)

The Sweet Life said...

I have been blogging for over 2 years now and seriously just bought my first layout. I'm not very good with all the coding either and I got so frustrated trying to create my own button. I always used cutest blog on the block for premade templates. I liked the simple layouts that aren't too busy. Also, you can sometimes find design shops that sale buttons, etc. individually. I def would recommend that. :)
Hope this helps.