Sunday, March 18, 2012


Haven't done an update on weekends lately.  Not too much else to post right now, so here ya go! It's been kind of a lazy weekend. Friday night was a movie night...time to chill out, it was stormy and I just had a puppy party, early to bed :) I needed much sleep.  Saturday was pretty productive! I was up by 7:15, out running errands by 9, Church work at 10, home for a little bit doing laundry, cleaning/organizing...ran a couple more errands, then got an awesome call at 2:15 to go to the YUM Center with Molly and some of her family! :) We were supposed to hang out anyway, so I'm definitely not turning down time with her AND her family! Love them all so much! I'm not a UK fan, but I figured I could suck it up for a night ;) I hadn't been to the YUM Center and the championship games are far more exciting than regular season.  SO, I met then around 4:45 and we got downtown right at the beginning of the Murray/Marquette game.  Good times.  I had a nice night out, enjoying company, delicious game food, AWESOME seats, and some crazy fans!! ha 
Here are me and my Molls :) Gorgeous, right?? I hope God blesses her with a man who tells her that everyday!

Love her ;)

Our seats! Great night ;) I needed it.  Only downfall? I was super wired getting home around 11 and didn't get to bed till almost 1am, if not later and was up at 7:15. Oh well!

SOOOO many people!!

This morning was, of course, Church.  We only sang a few songs, but it went well.  We can always do better, but I think we did alright today ;) Brought some news songs that I love!

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty lazy this afternoon. I got home around noon and kind of sat and didn't do much of anything till almost 4.  AND I am not ashamed lol I DID go for a brutal run! So, there ;) I did something.  AND I finished more laundry, cooked some delicious dinner, and am working on taxes! Holla! OH and prepping for Once Upon a Time!! LOVE this show...seriously. 

I dare not forget that I caved and turned on my air conditioning last week.  This is not right... But, I can't handle heat and my house was 82 degrees.  I draw the line at my home feeling like a sauna.  That's meant for the gym and massages. Here is to a ridiculously LONG and HOT summer...I've gotta look into getting a summer home up North! lol 

So, another week begins...I pray God stands next to me every step I take...

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