Thursday, March 22, 2012

Such a Girl..

Y'all, I used to be a tomboy.  True Story.  I didn't always wear dresses, I was into playing sports, always outside...I LOVED soccer practice/games in the rain because I'd be the first to slide in the mud puddle.  The dirtier the better :) 
Now, I still don't mind getting down and dirty, when I have to.  I'm not that big of a priss.  But, I've definitely become more of a girlie girl over the past decade.  I am obsessed with heels, dresses, handbags, makeup...really anything that would make me feel like a woman. 
Growing up, my dad lived with 4 girls.  My sister, mom, me, and even the dog.  However, he was good about teaching us to be strong women, tough in sports, work hard.  And one of the best things, is he always helped, but didn't always do it for us.  He told us what needed to be done and he expected us to do it.  
I've always gone to my dad for house problems, car problems, computer problems, etc.  He will always help, but like I said, rarely do.  But trust me, this is a good thing! Even though I can get frustrated with that at times, I just want it to get fixed! lol I'm grateful that he trusts I can do it myself, and give me faith in myself because I know I can.  He taught me how to do a lot and tonight was no exception. 
I've been driving for 10 years.  My first car? Had some problems.  I learned to check a lot of things, constantly put oil in it and general maintenance.  My car now, was no different, but thankfully, it was new, so the 'issues' didn't start till recently.  
I just bought myself some new tires back in December.  I have NEVER had a flat, never had any issues with tires.  Very blessed.  Well, in 3 months of my awesome brand new tires?! This chick gets a big ol nail in one of em! Perks of working in Industrial Park.  Stupid businesses! lol I noticed it walking out of the office tonight.  Thankfully, it was super low.  
So what do I do? lol Call my dad on my way home.  :) He had actually taken my car to get those tires because it was closer to their house and let's face it, he's just awesome like that.  So, I told him what was up and asked some general questions.  He gave me the number of the tire place and I tried to get it in tonight, but they were booked, so tomorrow morning will have to do.  He suggested I put some air in it, just in case.  Uhh, sure! OK, no problemo.  Consider it done! 
All the while, I'm like, seriously? where do you go to get air?? lol I've seen people do it on TV, Matt's even stopped before to fill up a tire, but I always sat comfortable inside the car.  
Long story short, I needed to get Max's nails clipped and it's right next to a gas station.  I stop, scrounge for change in my car and put the pump to the tire.  I hear it 'working' but don't see the tire inflating.  Awesome! I was NOT about to I went to get Max's nails done, came out and it looked even lower.  Insert hot flash of panic.  I did it wrong...I probably took air OUT of the tire! Such a girl move, right? First timer, eh?? 
Well, I went back and went inside for change.  I'm guessing the guy saw me the first time, didn't make me pay and told me how to turn it on.  I probably didn't push the "on" button.  Cause you know, machines can read your mind on what you want to do! Duh?! 
This time though, I heard the air pumping and my car slowly began to rise :) YAY go me! I think I even cracked a smile.  
So, daddy :) Thanks for teaching me to do it on my own and having the faith I can.  Even if it's not on the first try! haha 
I learn something new everyday :) Just another reason I am/can be/love to be/ trying everyday to be independent.  I love doing it on my own.

Just had to share.  I ain't ashamed! 

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