Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OH, How Pinteresting!

Seriously, Pinterest is a ridiculous addiction... BUT, it makes me happy :) So, here goes!

Fashion loves!! :)

TELL me these are not totally, completely me! :)

GORGEOUS color.  Coral is one of my fans.  Makes me excited for springtime. 

Teal/turquoise - LOVE IT! Oh and camel?! Even better! :)

 Yogurt bites! Need I say more?? I am in desperate need of eating healthier! 

UMMM, chicken, bacon, cream cheese, salsa....pure goodness!

Strawberry, mango salsa! GOTSTA try!

Apple Cider Caramel Cookies...nothing more needs to be said!


LOL Seriously, what is left over wine?? 

SOO true for some people in life... WOW

lol totally do this! AND I'm pretty good with lyrics. You think I'd be able to figure it out lol

TOTALLY, COMPLETELY someone I know ALLLLLLL the time! It's draining.  True Story. 

I am in desperate need of this right now...

Pin it up! :) 

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