Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Linking up with It's OK Thursday!!

-It's OK, that this past week has been a real trying time for me.
-It's OK, that my motivation for work, has been super lacking this week. (Don't worry, things get done :))
- It's OK, that I actually am enjoying the nicer weather? GASP! I know, I always say I love winter, and while I do, Fall and Spring make me happy
-It's OK, that not everyone agrees with my decision right now...I can only pray that God can heal hearts and lead us on the right paths
- It's OK, that I really wish I had the money and time to just fly places for a weekend, just to get away
- It's OK, that I have been the WORST blogger lately, and haven't even had time to read a lot of those I follow. I AM SO SORRY!! I will do better.  Life has just gotten in the way! Stupid jobs and responsibilities! :)
- It's OK, that I've barely slept more than a few hours at a time, if much of that, lately...This girl is tired...
- It's OK, that I've had a stomach ache for like 5 days now?! Yeah, stress and emotions are bad for me on that note...think I've lost a few pounds and that is NOT good.
-It's OK, that I am super pumped for a girls night with my Molls this weekend! Hopefully!? And maybe getting to see her precious adorable family?!
- It's OK, that sometimes you just have to take a step back and reflect...sometimes you just have to do it for yourself, if not for someone else.  In the end, it'll all work out and we'll make the right decisions (words of my father lately. Love that man)
- It's OK, that I actually want my pool to open like tomorrow?? This white girl needs some color to get her looking a bit more alive...I don't want to cave to paying for the tanning bed...
- It's OK, that right now, I am just trying to live each day and not completely and totally have a melt down.

OK, enough of the downers! Tell me your It's OK's! and link it up!


Mama and her boys said...

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! I totally miss our email exchanges :)

Ashley said...

Everything is gonna work out! Hope things get better soon girlie!