Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's OK Thursday

AND We're back to our regularly scheduled program! :) 

IT'S OK.....

- That I have had some crazy eating habits this week...mostly junk.  No bueno!!! MUST eat healthier again! ;/ And run more.

- It's OK that I am overly joyed of my new office downstairs.  Away from all the drama of 'corporate'.  Seriously, I am ten times happier down there... and get a million more things done! WOO

- It's OK that I've worked too much overtime in the past couple weeks.  Someone's gotta do it, right??

- It's OK that I read a new book in about 2.5 days. So good! Hope in a Jar. Adorable, easy read :)

- It's OK that I have had something every night this week.... Life goes on! Things will get done.  Hopefully...

- It's OK that I finally slept really good last night! Exhaustion? Maybe, but I only woke up once.  ONCE people! Waking up less than 4 times in a night hasn't occurred since, I don't know when! :) Holla!!

- It's OK that, even though I am obsessed with winter?, I have actually enjoyed the nice weather we've been having :) 70 in February? I'll take it! 

- It's OK that I want a new car sooooooo bad, I am totally trying to figure out everyday, how to afford one.  Like Carmax for reals! Nice cars on there!

- It's OK that my lack of a decent amount of bookings for jewelry shows, totally has me depressed...seriously. 

Link it up! ;) 

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Jen said...

I will have to read that Hope in A Jar, I'm always looking for new books to read. I love winter as well but I am ready for 70's, it's snowing here right now and honestly I'm over it :( Your dog is so cute btw!