Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wake Up Call

OK people...I was raised well when it comes to money.  No joke.  A lot of people think I was this spoiled girl who's parents had money.  Yes, MY PARENTS were comfortable.  Not these rich snooty people, not show offs of their money...they were just comfortable.  Given that, I grew up, having what I needed.  No, I didnt' get everything I asked for, and I rememer having to work to save money for school trips, etc.  I wasn't handed everything on a silver platter, and my parents knew how to say the word no...a little too often at times! lol j/k..kind of :)
So, moving out, getting an apartment, paying rent, insurance, food, etc...I love it.  lol It sounds crazy, right? But, I absolutely, positively LOVE the idea of independence. I love writing that check or clicking submit for an online payment.  It shows I've worked hard to earn that money and earn the right and ability to live on my own.  No one making payments for me, no allowance, no CC paid my mommy and daddy.  All me!
Thankfully, my parents had me start saving money when I was 11, I think.  50% of whatever I made, went in the bank.  No joke.  Rarely did it not happen that way.  And I accepted that.  Probably didn't love it everytime, but boy was I thankful for that when I got to college! That money helped me buy books, food, room furnishings, gas, necessities, outings, whatever else I needed! It was a life saver! And if they hadn't done that, I'd a been SCREWED! haha
So, I got used to saving, budgeting, learning how to survive by myself. 
So when I bought my condo, imagine my excitement to OWN something, right? UHH, handing over a 5 figure check that makes my bank account cry?! Yeah...I had a big mix of feelings about that, both good and bad lol, but it's worked out. 
Lately though? Dude, this past year, I started a business as an independent distributor.  If ya know anything about small businesses, working for yourself, anything of the kind, start up costs are ridiculous! Actually, I'm exaggerating a bit here, cause Premier's start up isn't that bad and there are tons of options to begin.  BUT, this girl likes it all! And office supplies, etc.  You name it, I had to have it and I'm organized and I want to do the best I can.  Obviously, you don't always start off making money, so that's fun trying to gain back what you've put in.  I'm getting there and thank you IRS for paying me back on most of that stuff :)
Also, remember my Peanut's surgery? Yeah, dogs/kids are expensive YO! Especially, when ya don't have animal insurance! Who the heck would have thunk.  thankfully, this chicky has plenty in her savings account and the Peanut will survive for a long time.
But, it just seems like every month I say, OK, back on track, let's get things rolling and saving and then something comes up! Like groceries! lol I spend way too much on is ridiculous and a total and complete miracle, I am not a gazillion pounds overweight! 
I am in no way struggling, but OMG I am kind of sick of paying bills! I goes a lot of years ahead of me, so I better get used to it, but whoa...I'm over it.  And it seems just when I've got it under control? Something happens, I need something big, who knows...but It's gotta get under control and stop! 
I've stated my dad is a spreadsheet genius? OCD with spreadsheets? Anal about them actually, so I'm used to making them.  I've created this budget, so we'll see if I can hold to it and start saving more than I have been.  Girl needs a new car!!! :) 

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Ashley said...

I need to learn your ways. I would say I am pretty good at managing my money and saving, but I am in no way able to purchase anything major. I mean I haven't gotten into the grown up world yet, but you put us all to shame girl! That is a good thing though!