Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Outfits

It's day 3 of the Valentine Challenge!! :)

I really had not time to prep for this one. SO, you get Pinterest pics. :) Don't act like you're sad about it.  Pinterest is amazing and rules my world.  If only I actually had the time to put together, make, create all the things i have pinned...  Here ya go!

In NO particular order :) 

 Love these shoes! For a nice spring day? Sometime Valentine's can be nice in KY. Today was like 65 degrees! 

 I LOVE this dress! So fun and flirty :)

 These shoes need no words...just admire...


 Love the pop of color on the heel!

This is ridiculously precious. I have this type of dress in navy and would die to have this one!! So ute! with the nude shoe above?! Say what?!

Link it up!!

1 comment:

lori said...

just came across your blog- super cute!!

i die for that red lace dress... seriously. where in the world can a sista get her hands on that?

and you have the cutest hair, ever.