Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love Weddings - Day 4

So, I'm your typical girl, duh.  LOVE me some weddings. So precious, lovely, fabulous, romantic, yada, yada... :) SO, here are some fun pics from my sisters weddings and one of my best fiends weddings a couple years ago, and some Pinterest inspiration for my own wedding one day ;)

Here is my sister's wedding :) This first pic is me basically spilling my drink, when I tried to take a sip after the toast. Yeah, I basically 'ugly' cried during my maid of honor speech...Guess I should have written it out, huh?

All the girls before the ceremony! :)

 Family shot! Before Barrett, of course ;)

Yes, that is my mom and I taking cinnamon whiskey shots.  They are nasty as ever at first, but once you get one down and the burn goes away, you're good ;) delicious!

Here are a few from Tina and Dustin's wedding!!

I seriously almost peed my pants at this pic(above) haha Kass and I left to get coffee and at some point we were being stupid and it spilt ALL over the floor.  OMG funniest thing ever!!! haha 

All the pretty ladies!! And Carter :) lol

AND this is me and Kass.  Nothing more needs to be said haha Could possibly be after a few American Honey shots :)

AND here are some inspirations for my wedding some day :) From Pinterest, of course...

I LOVE the champagne colored dresses! So classy! And you can add awesome accent colors :)

The style ring that I am obsessed with! Definitely not that big, but the style is what matters :) 

 This is a precious pose...

Considering Nicholas Sparks is one of my FAVORITE authors, this is such a cute save the date!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

This just makes me wanna my daddy...

You better believe this is happening to my dress! I absolutely, positively, ADORE this idea! I am doing it and know just who to ask to do it! :)

Such a cute idea! Have everyone sign the letter :)

Since Matthew loves him some scrabble, I just thought this was too cute. 

Love this idea for bridesmaids gifts :)

AND, if I was one of those girls who did the ceremony dress and reception dress? Yeah, it's a little much. That's why I said IF I was one of those girls ;) THIS would be my reception dress ;) So cute...

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Bethany said...

What beautiful wedding pics!!! Your sister's wedding must have been a blast. I've never thought of writing the date inside my dress, but that is such a lovely idea :)