Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Lovin Wednesday!

- I'm loving:

- that this was a short week at work! Off tomorrow and Friday!
- that I'm going to Columbus for three days for Premier Regional Rally! With some pretty awesome girls, if I don't say so myself! ;)
- that I've gotten to see Matthew a couple times this week! It's been so rare the past few weeks, and I'll be gone for a few days, again.
- that shows have been awesome this week! LOVE IT!
- that my peanut has been so super snuggly the past few months and way too attached. It's probably not good, but I love him.
- that I'm participating in a fun link up at the end of the month :) Wait and see!
- that I read an AMAZING book in two days! Seriously, couldn't put it down! Haven't read a book like that in a while ;) These Things Hidden HIGHLY recommended!
- that I'm starting to look at flights to plan a trip for Matthew and I to Boston this summer! Woo!
- that I fi- nally got a chance to go to Trader Joe's
- that I got some free prints from Snapfish! Only had pics of Max uploaded, but they are still precious!

Now go link up!

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Anonymous said...

Nice short week enjoy!!

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