Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Lovin & Oh How Pinteresting

What I'm loving Wednesday and Oh How Pinteresting!!

- I'm definitely lovin' that it's finally cold here! I mean, cold! :) AND it snowed a bit this weekend! 
- I'm lovin' that the Bachelor is back on!
- I'm lovin' that I got a $50 Amazon gift card from a vendor and got the ladder shelf I've been wanting!! 
- I'm lovin' that the shelf comes tomorrow!!
- I'm lovin' that I'm planning a trip to Boston to see my love and hopefully a couple days in New York :)
- I'm lovin' that I've got a training schedule for running again and I'm excited to get started
- I'm actually excited the holiday's are over and the 'routine' can get back to normal
- I'm lovin' that Max has been so cuddly with this cold weather!! Love my little snuggle bug at night :)
- I'm lovin' that it's a new year and new things to come.

Here is what I'm lovin' on Pinterest - Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple!

I always wanted a lot of color in a wedding, but I saw this and I actually LOVE it! You can totally class it up and add color accents elsewhere!

I love this entryway... enough said

I want this hood! lol Seriously, doesn't it look so comfy?! And it's like a huge cowl neck! 

I really want to be here, right now.  Beach, sunset... 

This is a cute fall outfit.  Not loving the shoes, but I'm pretty sure I could find some in my closet! lol 

What are you lovin'?!?!


The Hanlon's said...

oooo!! I love that hood. Where is is from?! Dont you just love pinterst. You should find me on there. I have a mild obsession with pinning and I think my hubby is starting to resent me for it. lol

Chelsea said...

I am obsessed with the look of those bridesmaids! Love their dresses and love their necklaces even more!! What a great idea :)