Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Ahh New Years... So last week at work, like no one was there. Well, the 'cool' people were lol. Shhh :)
We had a blast, it felt normal and great and we were productive, but light hearted and silly, and I loved it. I left a little early Friday and headed up to spend some time with Matt and Nevaeh.  I got there early enough to go get Nevaeh with Matt, which is extremely rare, but really nice. I enjoyed it.  We went out for pizza and went home to chill and play with a paint spinner he had gotten her for Christmas! All in all a nice night! Saturday, I had practice in the morning for a New Years Eve Contemporary service, my Church was trying out.  We practice for a couple hours, had a few hours break to get a few things done, run errands and change, then head back to Church around 4 for practice again, then the service at 5.  
It turned out awesome! I was pretty pleased! Of course, there are things that could have gone 'smoother', but it was the first one we've done like this and I think we did a great job.  Myself and two others sang, we had a guitar, bass, drums, and the piano on a couple songs.  It really felt more like a praise band.  What I've always wanted for our Church. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and I hope we can try out this type of service more often! 
I rushed home after the service, to grab max, and head to meet Matt where he was dropping Nevaeh off, so we could head to Lexington for New Years.  We went to Tina's and Dustin's (they are how Matt and I met - insert Awwww here), and they had invited a few other couples as well. We had a great time! We ate, played games, talked, watched the coverage from New York and really had a relaxing enjoyable night.  Much needed! 
Sunday, not gonna lie even a little, was spent sleeping in and being kinda lazy for a while.  I did get tons of laundry done, some cleaning, grocery shopping, Max got a bath, and Matt came and caught up on a nap and some football lol We rented The Change Up from Redbox, pretty hilarious movie, if I do say so myself! Recommended minus the foul language...it's pretty bad.
I didn't sleep in too much on Monday, I hate sleeping in a ton then I feel like my day is gone and then I can't sleep that great that night. (apparently, I've decided to give play by plays tonight :)) You're welcome! 
Yesterday was another semi-productive day, took down tons of Christmas stuff and rearranging... I went to an early dinner with my Premier momma and grandma! LOVE these women.  Hysterical, first off, but the sweetest, most kind hearted women.  Ah, so we had dinner to help me with my bookings. Basically, I'm not getting any!! Please help! We then went and met some other girls and made signs for our regional rally in Columbus at the end of the month! love it! Cannot wait for that and I think it'll be awesome motivation and inspiration for me and my business :) Yippie!! 
Today was back to work...surprisingly, it went well! lol It's never good after vacations, the office is full, everyone's is still kind of in vacation mode, but frustrated with odds and ends.  Wasn't really like that and we had a newbie start! Always fun :) 
I'm struggling with posts lately! Don't know why...writers block?? lol Is that possible in the blog world? Who knows...I'm working on it ;) I rearranged my kitchen tonight! loving it! Should post pics, but then you don't know what it looked like before! haha 
I'm in dire need of doing some decor shopping.  Maybe there are still some good sales out there! Anyone know of any? Not holiday stuff though, got a good amount of that...but could always use more for next year!! 
In leu of my resolutions, my business plan is being pulled out and tweaked.  I'll be sharing my dream, so hope you like it!! 

(I'm trying out a signature...I kind of like it. Thoughts?!)

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Anonymous said...

Love the signature!
You are not the only who gets writers block! I get it wayyyy too often!!
Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year!