Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

Linking up with Michelle at the Vintage Apple! :)

I'm in the Springy mood!

AND these things just make me laugh out loud! LOL seriously, I'm laughing posting them haha

 OK, this one I sent to my one of my best friends, and she called me....TWICE, was so confused haha I still crack up about it!!

These are just me....

And these are some of my house dreams :)

 I could go on and on...but I understand you all have lives :) Link it up!



Cindy Swanson said...

Awesome pins! A while back, I bookmarked that last one, with the Family quote on the gallery wall, because I want to duplicate it in my own home.

I enjoyed visiting your blog!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Mama and her boys said...

I love pinterest! How are you? I feel like we haven't exchanged little emails in a while?! :)

Elsha.Rae said...

isnt pinterest the greatest. im addicted. and.. i love your blog!

Ashlee said...

I'm new to your blog (found my way from the link-up), and I swear we must be the same person! I read through your last couple posts and it's crazy how I felt like I was reading my own. #1 I'm Ashlee, 26 years old, and I live in Kentucky too! South Central KY. #2 I started selling Premier in May 2011 and I'm also freaking out about my taxes!! #3 I'm addicted to food!! LOL, like you I'm wondering what's for lunch and supper while eating breakfast. WOW, I couldn't leave your page without posting you a comment! :) ~Ashlee @