Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lights Under Louisville

Note: This post is way late. lol BUT, it's mostly pictures anyway, and who doesn't like to look at pictures?! :)

Louisville has this thing every Christmas, where they've blasted out some old caves, underneath the Louisville Zoo. Coolest thing, ever.  I love Christmas lights, and I've never been to this.  Matt surprised me a couple weeks ago and took me and Max there ;) There are a million lights. No joke.  A million. I am not envious of the person that had to figure that  out! But, you drive through and there are tons of different 'scenes', music is playing, and it's awesome.  blinking, sparkling, multi-colored! lol I took a couple videos too, but they won't upload...lame...

It's take about 30-40 minutes to drive through and I loved every minute! Enjoy! Some are a little blurry...sorry. we couldn't stop in the car to take better one's :/

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