Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's OK Thursday

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It's OK.....

- That I've become super addicted to ABC Family shows! (Jane by Design is a new adorable one!)

- That I still have Christmas lights on my porch...I keep forgetting to take them down!

- That I FINALLY got curtains for my bedroom ;) Brown Zebra print, of course, lol.  YAY

- That this week has felt like forever! I am really hoping for a chill weekend.  Work has been crazy....

- I wanna cry almost every episode of Parenthood! I mean, cannot say enough amazingness about this show.  It's real and I love that.  Doesn't depict this picture perfect family.

- That I am so incredibly excited for Premier Rally next weekend!! Columbus, here we come! ( I'm also a little nervous!)

- That because a picture my mom got me came in scratched, the company is letting me keep the scratched one (it's not crazy bad), and sending me a brand new one at no charge! HOLLA 

- That a lot of my work pants have hems coming out.  What is that?! Why does that always happen to me? I don't buy cheap pants! Gotta get to the dry cleaners to fix 'em.

- That I have a ton of pictures I want to print and put in frames, BUT I just don't have enough frames...

- That I MISS MY NEPHEW LIKE CRAZY! Have got to plan a weekend in a couple weeks to go see him! And my sis and bro, too ;) 

- That I am overly excited about the football pool I'm in! I'm 28th out of 44? lol But who cares ;) It's fun!

- That everyday I find something else I want to get to decorate my house. lol If I acted on all of that, I'd have very little money :)

Tell me what your It's OK's are!


Allison said...

I love ABC Family shows too! They're one of my guilty pleasures! Is your football pool for the playoffs? That's pretty awesome!

Courtney*Cakes said...

Agree... This week has felt like forever. But we are almost there!