Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Linking up with Amber at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's OK Thursdays! :) 

- It's OK that I totally ate a cannoli for dinner last night.  There is a Fresh Market like 2 seconds from my house and I just discovered they have cannoli's.  I never go cause stuff is way expensive there, but was just grabbing something I needed quick.  Umm....not a good idea!! I LOVE cannoli's! And after going to Boston last and having the real deal? I'm obsessed and haven't found any decent one's here in Louisville.  Boo YA!
- It's OK that I am ridiculously obsessed with The Bachelor?! And it kind of makes my Monday's...
- It's OK that I enjoy ABC Family shows/movies :) 
- It's OK that I found ELF makeup!! Such inexpensive but GOOD stuff! In's online only I believe, but comes quick :) 
- It's OK that I still haven't run this week, but printed and set a schedule to start training this weekend.  Signing up for the Louisville Triple Crown and Nashville Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon!! Gotta get back into a running routine.  It makes me feel so much better and helps blow off steam :) Oh yeah and get in shape! 
- It's OK that I'm mildly, totally, bummed I haven't seen my nephew in almost two weeks :/
- It's OK that I wish life were easy sometimes....
- It's OK that I still haven't really cleaned out my car, when I said I would like a month ago...Maybe in the next couple weeks. It definitely needs it! 
- It's OK that I did a total rearrange of my kitchen the other night and I keep going to the old places I had things lol 
- It's OK that I take tylenol PM's more often than I should to sleep at night.  Maybe I should go to the doctor.
- It's OK that I wish I could be a million places at once to please everyone I know...
- It's OK that I'm totally not going to enjoy a full 5 day week after three four day weeks in a row! :/
- It's OK that I'm totally eyeing the cute red lamps I have saved on my Wish List on Amazon!! Must buy soon!!! Love them.

Link UP! And tell me what your It's OK Thursdays are!


Anonymous said...

Love it, lady!! And ELF makeup is sold in Target, too! That's where I get mine. =)

megs [at] Shine On & Skinny Up

Kelly said...

I follow a blog that posts NOTHING but MAJOR coupons and I bought a 100 eyeshadow palet from ELF from Target online for $6 and NO SHIPPING! It was awesome. It came yesterday and I cannot wait to try out the eyeshadow :-D And a cannoli for dinner? That's awesome!

Lindsey said...

thank you for the sweet comment, i love your blog too! and it is sometimes nice to just let it all go on the blog. it feels good, especially because there are so many bloggers that can relate! TAKE CARE & HAPPY THURSDAY!

The Hanlon's said...

love these! I always enjoy your posts :)

Bethany said...

It is definitely ok to be stoked for the bachelor. I was so excited on Monday! The rock and roll half marathon sounds awesome. Glad I found your blog, and can't wait to read more :)