Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm weird because...
I can only eat things in even numbers.I still sleep with my childhood blanket at night. AND I am not ashamed :) 
I take ridiculously hot showers.  
I'm kind of obsessed with grocery shopping. It make me happy
I'm pretty sure I have OCD. Most everything has it's place and I am always rearranging, organizing, etc.
I pick the polish off my nails when I am bored
My bed has to be made. Every. Day.I go through foot phases. I eat something like everyday for a while, then get so sick of it and don't eat it again for like months, sometimes years. 

I always have to touch Max's nose when it's cold and wet
I have to have Chapstick or lipgloss on at all times. I hate dry lips...Matthew hates goupy lips lol 
I have to watch Friends every night. 

I'm a bad friend because...
I don't always remember stuff...

I'm horrible at gifts
I don't always return phone calls in a timely manner
I don't visit them as much as I want to :/

I'm a good friend because...
I would drop anything and everything, no matter the time of day, to be with them.  No explanation needed, I'd be there in a heartbeat. 

I can be a huge nerd, so they always have something to laugh at ;) lol
I support them fully, whether I agree with them or not.  They are my friends; my family.  I want nothing more than for them to be happy. I will always be there, no matter what. No judgements no attitude. 

I'm sad because...
I'm too far away from my nephew, sister, and brother in-law

I can't seem to get all my relationships in life going good at the same time...
I want so many things to decorate my house more, but I just don't have the money.
I don't have my store yet
A friend and her family are going through a hard time and I wish I could help
Matthew has been so sick this week and I've barely seen him in the past two or three weeks :/ 
Max seems to be getting sick of his medicine and he has to take it twice a day for the rest of his life... Hopefully they come out with more flavors! :(
There are so many books I want to be reading right now!
I haven't been on twitter much the past few days! Been too busy or tired! Feel like I am totally missing out.
I can't stay home and blog all day lol

I'm happy because...
It finally started snowing today!!! 

I had ice cream for dinner
It's finally the weekend again and I'm getting my hair cut! I would cut it like every other week if I could afford it! lol
It's a new year and I truly hope a better year! One where everyone can be there and be happy
My bedroom finally has curtains and they are pretty :) I love making my home a home! Second bedroom/bathroom, here I come! This spring. Gonna happen.I finally started running again.  This is something that has been missing too long...
I'm really hoping this year is good for my jewelry business! I want to work hard and succeed.

I'm excited for...
Premier Regional Rally next week!!!!! Such an amazing group of girls and I'm so excited to spend some QT ime with them

One of my best friends weddings this fall!!!
A trip to Boston and New York this summer :) 

Reconnecting with God. Not sure how yet, but it's time to rediscover that relationship. I feel like I've lost it and thankfully, Matthew seems on board with going to Church together more :)
For the football pool I'm in! Not gonna win, but it's great watching the games! Go Packers this Sunday!!!

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Bri said...

i love watching friends every night too! best show ever :)