Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Engagement - NO not mine!!

Everyone says when you hit your mid twenties, EVERYBODY gets engaged, married, starts having babies.... 

AND that's like my entire graduating class from high school.  Scratch that, cause it's even the classes younger than me.  Awesome! ha I don't think I had an idea of when I'd be engaged or married or whatever, but I figured it'd be before I was 30.  Got a little less than 4 years, so we're still good for a while! lol Just kidding, if I'm not by then, I will survive ;) Not worried. 

But, let me tell you about an amazing girl.  I haven't talked about her on here, but she's been a friend of mine since high school.  She is two years younger then me, but we go to the same Church and were good friend in youth group, etc.  She's a theater major, total goofball, absolutely gorgeous, way more mature than her age, and I love her.  

She moved to new york after school, working her way acting.  She was in her best friends wedding a couple years ago, maid of honor, the husband to be's brother was the best know how the rest of it goes.  They hit it off and are precious.  Only bummer, is they always had a long distance relationship.  She's in New York, he's stationed in Alaska.  

So, not to go into too many details, when she was home for Christmas, we were able to get together for coffee! We swapped life stories of the last year lol and I got to hear about this amazing guy.  Seriously, he sounds like a total catch.  She deserves the best and you can tell he adores her and would do anything for her.  So, we talked about potential engagements, wanting to get married, etc. and I didn't really think more of it! He's still in Alaska for a bit, moving to Seattle in a few months, and she's still in New York.  No buggy, they really made it work! 

Well, her family are big skiers, and her best friend lives in Denver.  Put two and two together and you have all those families meeting in Denver after Christmas and for New Years at a sweet little cabin.  Fun part? He planned the entire thing and everyone knew but Jonelle.  He picked her up from the airport, wisked her away to the restaurant they first met at, took her for a drive, made her an amazing scrapbook of emails, Facebook messages, pictures, etc of their relationship thus far.  Took her back to the cabin where there were roses scattered, and family secretly waiting outside.  Out on a balcony he proposed.  I think I got all those details right! I was melting inside when she was telling me this story.  I didn't not think that guys had any romance left in them!! But, I know she's a very lucky girl and I've never met the guy.  And OF COURSE he is the luckiest guy to have her forever.  

When she talks about him you can tell how much she loves him.  He seems genuine and personal, wanting nothing but her success and happiness. 

So now, her best friend will be her sister in-law! I love that!!! 

I am so excited for them!!! I haven't talked to her in a couple weeks, but I'm so excited to hear about her wedding plans!! She's super cute and I know it'll be pretty amazing.  God has really blessed her!

Hopefully she doesn't mind I wrote this post about her!! LOL 

Aren't they adorable!!

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