Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Eve

I have had a 'romantic' new years. Ever. Seriously, either I was too young while dating someone and it was just plain awkward, lol or it just wasn't good. Now, don't take that as never having a GREAT new years! My family rocks at parties and new years is included! We always had a blast with family and friends, staying up late, playing games, drinking champaign and wine, eating our faces off and laughing till our checks literally hurt! THOSE were awesome times :) My dad and I were even caught vacuuming at like 2am because we had thrown streamers on the ceiling fan; thinking this was a funny idea at the moment, quickly realizing it only crated havoc! lol Still, good times.  

My first 'serious' boyfriend just wasn't that into it I guess. I think both new years we had together we were asleep by 12:01am, if we were together, I can't remember both, just one where we just watched TV and that was it.  Not saying that's a bad thing, but even that was blah, because he was half asleep before midnight... 

This new years will be my second one with Matthew, last year's we didn't even see each other.  He had his daughter and left for Atlanta pretty early on the 1st, so I booked a flight to Boston and went to visit my best friend.  I stayed up to watch the ball drop, though! Then got up at 5am to get to the airport for a flight lol. Dedication! I love new years! It's a fun time to be together, start a fresh together, make goals, resolutions, think about upcoming excitement! I hope to have a lot to look forward too next year, a couple vacations, hopefully and a best friend wedding in the fall!! OH yeah, and a best friends baby, too!! Can't wait for both of those! :)

I'm working on another visit to Boston and hopefully making it over to New York, while I'm up there! Now THAT would be a place I'd love to be on New Years!! So many people, so much energy, emotion, excitement, love!

This new years, we just made plans the other day.  We'll be going to Lexington to be with our best friends Tina and Dustin.  I'm singing in a New Years Eve Church Service, and Matt has Nevaeh that we'll head down around 7 and I'm not sure what we'll do. It'll be fun no matter what! :) 

Stay tuned for a new years plan for 2012, filled with new things, business plans, and much more! 

What are your New Years plans?!

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