Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

I should have a lot of it's OK's because right now in life, I'm over it...I'd like to take some time away from it all and be by myself. BUT that won't be happening for a while, so I'll just count to ten and try to trust in God.
- It's OK, that I haven't wanted to be at work all week. I've been busy, gotten a ton done, but every morning I've woken up and wanted nothing more than to stay in my pj's, cuddled with Max in bed, watch Friends and catch up on DVR lol all with my laptop to write and read blogs, look on Pinterest, and start working on my business.

- It's OK that I TOTALLY want a Mac. Seriously. Like. Now...

-It's ok that I am totally getting that Mac and will qualify for that 12 month 0%! Yeah.

-It's even more Ok, I'm writing it off as a business expense?! Umm, duh!! It totally is :)

-It's ok that I have worn the same 'Christmas outfit' to two things now and you better believe I'm wearing it on Christmas Eve for Church! ha Don't judge. NO time to shop...

- It's ok that I still have a gift to buy ;/ Oops!

-It's OK that I feel like I've failed in the good gift department this year. I just couldn't think of anything fun!!

-It's ok that I totally downloaded the new Martina McBride CD and I am in love. She is my idle...

-It's ok that I still haven't finished touching up the paint in my bathroom and painting the's going to get done. Promise!

- It's ok that I haven't been on Pinterest in like a week. I think I needed a break.

-It's ok that I want to go after Christmas and buy tons of cute Christmas decorations for next year ;) All probably at super cheap prices! Yupp! Cheat the system folks!

-It's OK that I bought adorable ribbon to make an amazing bow for my Christmas tree and I haven't done that yet.  The attempt was there, but no execution. Maybe that will happen tonight or tomorrow.

-It's OK that I wish I had more close friends in Louisville. Had over two of my girls and their husband/boyfriend over and it was way too much fun. I miss that...

-It's OK that this year is almost over. It's been a whirlwind and I'm ready to move on...try and start a good year.

-It's OK that my DVR is over 50% full! lol I don't have time to watch everything! Hopefully one day this weekend ;)

-It's OK that I feel like I've just spent money all year with not a lot to show for it..too many things came up and I hate that...Good thing I learned spreadsheets early from my dad and am totally going to rock out next year financially :)

-It's ok that I want to use part of my bonus on that awesome Mac I'm going to get! lol

-It's ok that you are probably annoyed with me talking about that Mac.

It's NOT ok that I feel total withdrawl from not being on Pinterest!

-It's NOT ok that I don't have any bookings in January and that makes me really sad and totally down. 

-It's NOT ok that I totally forgot to wear jeans to work today! My boss did and I forgot:/ How do I forget? I live in jeans outside of work! lol

-It's ok that I totally had a melt down when my car dealer said I had $400 worth of repairs, when I only took it in for an oil change...

-It's OK that I am so grateful for a neighbor who is a mechanic! And amazing!

-It's OK, that I am ready for a new year and new things...


sarah said...

it's ok to feel ALL those things :) i hope you do get that mac, a present for yourself never hurts!

Anonymous said...

It's totally OK to feel that way!! You rock...and this was a great post! And yes, I agree that you need a Mac stat...they're amazing!

megs [at] Shine On