Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

Linking up today for It's OK Thursday! Let's get started.

It's OK....

- that I snoozed for about 20 minutes this morning..I stuck out a leg and it was just too cold to get up. So, I snoozed till my heat kicked on for the morning...don't judge :)

- that I have lost all motovation for the week. Mainly because I'm working so much on my work's Christmas party for this weekend...

- that I have been obsessively eating those strawberry hard candies? The one's with that jelly stuff in the middle?! O. M. G. delicious!

- that I don't have half of my Christmas shopping done and there are only three more weeks till Christmas? I am usually done by now.

- that I still haven't run in a while and I'm starting to notice the 'holiday pudge.' Meaning, I must stop eating the said strawberry candies above! lol and all the amazing crap vendors have dropped off at the office.

- that I DESPERATELY want a Mac and am researching everyday, trying to wait till after the holidays to get one.  Meaning, my laptop becomes strickly Premier work, so it doesnt' crash and I lose everything, and my Mac becomes my playmate/business computer when I open my store ;) Perfect! SEEE investment/business expense! DUH

- that I'm already nervous about my taxes for Premier, cause I have no idea what I'm doing and my dad does my taxes. Thankfully, I have a special software that should make it easier...Hopefully :) Love you daddy!

- that my boots are falling apart. seriously. I wear my shoes OUT! The bottoms are starting to come apart, meaning, my shoes can talk to me.  Anyone got any super glue? Or maybe Santa will bring me some new ones. Or a gift card would be acceptable as well.

- that I would be perfectly content staying home reading blogs, commenting, chatting, and writing more blogs myself...sigh

- that I was more excited about my raise because of my maintenance fees going up, than the raise in general...welcome to owning a home and adulthood, right?

-that I went almost three days without washing my hair. Yeah, judge all ya want, but totally styles better when it's dirty! And with it shorter now? It takes like 3 seconds.
- that I just cleaned my closet(s) out at the end of summer and I'm already ready to do that again...too many clothes...

- that I am SO ready for Christmas.

Now, go link it up and have a wonderful Thursday!! :)

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Anonymous said...

yes, you must must get a mac! they are amazing! i wish the world would switch over to them because i despise my pc during the work day...

megs [at] Shine On