Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Everyone's got 'em, right??
Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I'm sure that sounds like everybody else, but it's true! I love the cool, crisp weather, snow (when there is any in KY), the lights, the atmosphere, and the fact that everyone's attitude, usually, changes a bit for the better.  People walk around a little happier, a little more in tune with their generosity...
Plus, I love that you know what to look forward too :) There are things families do only on Christmas! lol Seriously, my family has it's traditions and I love that.
Everyone year we always make cut-out cookies. My mom, sister, and I did. We'd put on Christmas music, get all the counters covered in flour and sprinkles and have an awesome day. As we've grown up and moved different places, we've actually done a decent job of keeping up with most of those traditions :) I think last year was the first year we didn't make cookies..tragic, I know. 
Here they are from this year! It was just my mom and I, but still a perfect time. I'm known for going a little crazy with the frosting and sprinkles. I like to make rudolph, look like rudolph, give him a red nose, etc. I like Santa to have a face and a colored bag, lol. You get the point. 
On Christmas Eve, years ago, my mom made homemade pizza for dinner. From the dough to the sausage.  DELICIOUS!!  I make my mom make it every year! For me, it wouldn't be Christmas without it! Not your traditional meal, no, but it is for me; for us.  This year, my mom added some meatballs, cheese dip, and of course snacks, and endless desserts...
We, my mom and I, always sing at Church on Christmas Eve.  Makes our day a little crazy and rushed, but we manage to get everything done and get there.  Since we moved my grandma down here a handful of years ago, we always do Christmas with her on Christmas Eve; somewhere in between dinner/stuffing our faces all day and leaving for Church. 
Our Church has had multiple services every year. This year, just two, but the later one usually entails a candlelit ending with singing Silent Night. One of my favorite parts of the services.  The Praise Team, my mom and I are in, sang Mary Did You Know. 
After Church, we head home, get in our PJ's and usually watch a little bit of A Christmas Story! That's another tradition. Sort of. We always watch a bit of it on Christmas Eve, then some more on Christmas morning and throughout the day, never actually watching it all from start to finish lol. Only catching chunks here and there :) 
My sister and I were always rushed to bed, so that Santa could come! Of Course! lol My mom would shake bells, so we'd hear them throughout the house and say, "Ho, Ho, Ho". :) Love it! haha My sister and I, at 29 and 26, STILL get Santa presents. That's right! He loves us! Even my parents get one or two :) 
So, we get up fairly early, I always make coffee, and someone is designated as 'Santa', to hand out all the presents! 
We always do a big brunch that morning, with pancakes (my choosing), eggs, bacon, toast, fruit, and someone a casserole of sorts :) We've started inviting friends over and it's turned into a really awesome morning.  As a family we always went to a movie that afternoon. Nothing is open on Christmas day lol so it worked out! We'd start choosing our movie sometime in November, talking about it for a while.  We didn't this year, but we did the monkey home, so that is alright :) I was really glad to have my sister, Barrett, and their little monkey home for Christmas. Tell me this little cubby cheeked thing is not the most adorable, like ever?! 

 Love him!! :) 
My best friend and her mom, got to join us on Christmas day for brunch, and Matthew was able to make it as well. It was so nice! My sister left shortly after we ate, to get home and get everything settled in.  Matthew and I decided to exchange gifts that afternoon, too! It was an awesome, but exhausting weekend! lol I got way too much stuff, but love everything so much! I am very grateful and blessed to have wonderful people in my life! 
Hope you all had just as great a Christmas!!

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The Hanlon's said...

Sounds like a wonderful christmas!! Your nephew is so stinkin cute! I sure love traditions. I've always been the one to make sure they stay in tact. Now, that I have my own family, it's a little more difficult, but we have started some fun little traditions of our very own.