Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Update

So I've been a little more MIA lately...not cool, I know. Life has just been kind of a mess and by the time I have time to blog, I'm exhausted and have a million other things to get done. BUT that's gonna change! I'm determined ;)
This past weekend, I went up to Crystal Lake, Illinois to visit family and do a jewelry party for them! My mom and I drove up on Friday morning and got there Friday afternoon. I stayed with my friend Becky, her husband, Rob, and their amazing twins, Sydney and Ben :) My mom stayed over at my Godparents house with my little peanut. This is Sydney playing with Max :)
Friday Night the girls went out to a local wine festival! Can we say fabulous? AND it was FREE! Yuppers! Multiple wine tastings for nothing? AND they give you free food/snacks/candy?? Hello! Sign me up :) Although I wasn't crazy about any of the wines, wine is wine after you've had a few tastings, and I'll take it! lol No pics for this, we were ocupied :)
Saturday, I was dragged/tricked/suckered, so lucky to attend a Zumba class with Becky and her cousin Nicki! At 7:30 in the morning. Good thing we all went to bed early! It actually was pretty sweet! I enjoyed it.  White girl can't dance, but that doesn't matter. We rocked it out and rewarded ourselves with a delicious breakfast.  Headed home, got cleaned up and got ready for the party.  The kids and I hung out and did puppet shows, colored, played twister, and games.  The girls started cooking for the party and I set up all my jewelry. 
The show was great! We had a lot of people come and go and I got to see a lot of family I haven't seen in a while! Beck and Nicki, got a lot of great sales and free jewelry! Visiting with them was the best part and the party was an added bonus. 
Saturday night we just hung out, sat around and ate all the leftovers from the afternoon, caught up and just relaxed.  The kids were being silly and sang a couple songs! lol
Saturday night, the kid wanted to have a little sleepover! Sadly, Ben was too exhausted by the time we went to be, but Syndey and I headed upstairs, read a couple books and were out like lights ;)
 Unfortunately, my mom and I had to get going on Sunday, early, so we could get back home. I had to prep for another show tonight and was exhausted from the weekend.  Max was too! lol, but not before he got a little air time on our way home!
AND then we both crashed...well, Max did. I had to unpack, pick up, shower, prep..blah, blah.
He was not happy I was waking him from his slumber, to take a picture. Hehe :)
All in all a great weekend. WAY too short, but well worth it to visit and spend some time up there. I love and adore that entire family and wish we could be closer to see each other more often...
Here is to hoping this week is not SO crazy, but I am sure it will be.  Soon some off time for Holidays! Hopeflly they will go well :) Can't wait!

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