Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Green Fingers

Y'all apparently, I have a fungus attraction. Or rather fungus attracts me. So, you know when you see people's fingers turn green from jewelry? Yeah, usually you think it's from cheap stuff that's not real good metal or it's a coating of some sort. BUT, it's not necessarily the jewelry! 

No, joke, I thought that I always bought kind of cheap stuff, if it isn't sterling silver, my fingers have always turned green! From washing my hands, sweating, soaps, lotions, but I never thought too much of it and usually it was 'cheap' jewelry anyway, so I really didn't mind a few wears out of it.

Well, I've got more 'high end' jewelry I'm wearing and a couple of my rings turns my fingers green. Not all the time, but if I wear them all day, it's usually a little green by the end of the day. I thought, OMG what is up with this jewelry! It's supposed to be good and NOT turn my fingers green! Right? And it's not every piece so it made me wonder...

Well, I did a little investigating and it's actually a type of fungus and doesn't have to do with the jewelry itself. I was not too fond of the fungus part, but was glad to know my money wasn't wasted on jewelry! 
Check it out! Here are a few websites I found explaining the 'green fingers'. 

Basically, your fingers can have a certain acidity, and sometimes has to do with the metals.  Other reasons are soaps you use, lotions, etc.  So, I guess I need to start taking my rings off when I wash my hands and wait till lotions dry, or avoid them when wearing rings all together.
I thought I was crazy, but apparently just a fungus attractor...fabulous!

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