Thursday, December 1, 2011

26 Facts

So, I figured, it was time for some facts lol (like I don't do enough of that, right?) And since I'm 26, you're gonna get 26 facts! Here goes!!

One: I have lived in four states. I was born in Wisconsin. My family moved to Illinois, New Jersey, and finally Kentucky. I went to school in Indiana for a couple years. 
Two:  I am a major homebody! Seriously, I am more than happy to just be at home, blogging, cleaning, catching up on DVR, etc. I tend to make myself get out, just to get out. I don't mind it, but I'd much rather be at home. I'm weird, I know...A night in with friends, wine, games, movies...much more appealing than bar scenes all the time.
Three: I am a HUGE routine/habit person. No joke. When I was a child, I would freak out. Pretty sure my mom had to prep me with any changes in my routine. lol I have my morning routines, my lunchtime routines :) Usually, I'm ok with nights being different, but if I have a lunch meeting or something at work that screws up my day, I'm off all day. 
Four: I am pretty sure you know this, but I'm obsessed with reality tv. It's bad. I tape tons of stuff. I'll DVR new shows that are coming on, random channels lol. I have a problem. I think it's just a complete curiosity of other peoples lives! They fascinate me! 
Five: I have a weird obsession with hairspray. Yupp! That's right. I need Hairspray Anonymous lol
Six: I've said it before, but I still sleep with my blankie. It's been on every vacation since I was born, and it will forever be with me. I will have it in my grave :) (I must remind my kinds of this. or put in my will...mental note)
Seven: Death scares me. I remember being afraid to go to sleep as a kid and my mom coming in and talking to me.  I don't know why. I think it's just a fear of the unknown, maybe? I know it'll be so much better, being with God and those that I love that have passed, but it still scares me... pray for me, please.
Eight: I have never been able to 'see' my future? Does that make sense? Some people are able to see what they want out of life.  What they will do, where they will live, who they'll marry, how many kids, etc. I have never been able to do that and it's makes me nervous I'll die young. I can see my dream job of owning my business, I can see a possible family, but it's foggy and I fear it won't come true...
Nine: I have more song lyrics in my head than any 'school' stuff I've ever learned. I am positive I'd win those lyric reality shows. When I watch them, I dominate. That's right!
Ten: I'm kind of obsessed with wine. I have never been to a winery; always wanted to though. Keep talking about it, but never have gone. My parents go a lot and they even took a trip out west to California and went to a few wineries. I really hope I can do that someday...
Eleven: I am extremely conscious of my weight. I never used to be, but life happens, people change, and I was basically told I was 'fat' mindset hasn't quite changed back into accepting who I am and what God made me. I just try to take one day at a time...I'm a foodie and that does not help! lol
Twelve: I HAVE to have the TV on when I go to sleep. I didn't have a TV in my room, till I went to College and had one in my dorm, but seriously, I have to have something on.  My first apartment didn't have cable hook up in my bedroom and I thought I was going to die, but I just downloaded those white noise apps lol and it worked! Now, I can't sleep without Friends on :) 
Thirteen: I tend to set high expectations for my life and the people in it.  It makes it difficult at times and unrealistic...I'm still learning to embrace each and every moment for what it's worth and why God put me in certain situations. I want everyone to be there best and I can see that in them. Sometimes they just don't see it in theirselves and I can't help them...
Fourteen: I used to be a tomboy! No joke! Growing up, I was always playing outside, sports...I remember LOVING when it rained during or before soccer games! I would be the first to intentionally slide, so I'd get all muddy :) hehe I miss soccer...Wish I could join a league now.
Fifteen: I have always wanted a male dog named Max. lol Seriously! When I realized I was able and willing to have my own dog, a male named Max, preferably a Yorkshire Terrier, is what I wanted! AND that is exactly what I got :) Course, I had to find the right one that 'looked' like a Max :)
Sixteen: Christmas is my favorite holiday :) I'm sure it's tons of people favorite, but it makes me grateful for what I have. A lot of people think I can be really materialistic.  They see I have tons of clothes, bags, shoes, and they think that's what's important to me, but in reality, I could care less. I love the fashion and the idea of dressing up and being my own person, in a fashion sense, but I believe that the relationships I make, the time spent with family and friends, the difference I can make in someones life...THAT'S what matters and sometimes, it's take the Holiday's to make people remember and realize that...
Seventeen: I am extremely grateful, and thank God everyday, that I was raised so well. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, actually, I'm tooting my parents.  They could have given my sister and I everything we wanted, but instead, they taught us the value of a dollar. They taught us how to work for what we wanted, and that life isn't about getting everything we ask for.  I can't ever thank them enough. I had a job before I could drive, to save up for gas and things I wanted. I started a savings account when I was 11 or 12 and ALWAYS had to put 50% of whatever I made, allowance, babysitting money, into the bank. I cannot thank them enough for that. I never would have survive my first year of college without that. And I definitely wouldn't be the independent person I am today.  
Eighteen: I set too high of expectations for others. I know they can be better, so I assume they will be and then I end up disappointing myself.  I don't mean that to come out in a bad way...I'm just saying. I think I watch too many movies... lol
Nineteen: I have not lived in the same city as my best friends since I was in high school.  This is extremely saddening and basically means, I live a quiet life.  This only encourages my homebody obsession. :) I need someone adventurous or to make hobbies with...
Twenty: I am completely and totally obsessed with Pinterst. Yupp! If I could be on it all day, I would and I'd find something new and amazing every, single, day! 

Twenty One: I have a ridiculous obsession with coffee. Like, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive a day without it anymore. It's tragic and sad, but soooooo amazing!!! 
Twenty Two: I want to live by a beach. I would hate to be away from family, but it's always been a dream, even for just a little while. Like North Carolina or Maine...Or if I had enough money to rent  a beach house for a few months or own one...haha yeah, like that would every happen, but still. A girl can dream ;)
Twenty Three: I've begun to obsess over my nails.  The past 6 months or so, I paint them maybe every week, if not more. Seriously, it's kind of madness, but a lot cheaper than a manicure every couple weeks! And my nails are healthier than when I had acrylics ;) 
Twenty Four: I don't have a lot of patience. lol Really, I don't. It's not even like patience, I'm late. It's waiting on others when they say they are ready, it's patience for immaturity and selfishness...Kassie laughs because I deal with it daily and she's like, you don't have patience for this, how are you surviving?! LOL I guess God...he's getting me through.
Twenty Five: I am a private person. You wouldn't think it if you knew me, but I am. I'm an open book to anyone who asks, but I'm not one to just come out and say things or spill my guts or start chatting your head off. Unless, I really know you, maybe I will, but I think sometimes it's a bad trait, but if people ask, I'm all talk. I don't get offended by questions and I've never felt like people are being nosy. I honestly don't mind, but I"m not one to just give up's weird. I just don't think that I need to talk about me all the time. Maybe I do and I don't realize it? But I hope people don't think I am a selfish person...
Twenty Six: I am a closet hopeless romantic. I want a life/love like the movies, a love that's pure and beautiful...I like the idea of being spoiled and feeling special and making my husband feel the same way. I look forward to our dreams coming together and living them together. Working through problems, situations, tragedies and triumphs. I want to travel and live life to the absolute fullest.  I want surprises and silliness, family and kids.  I want to feel God and I want to grow as one. I know some of that is unrealistic, but I know it can come true...

Welp, there ya have it! Hopefully ya learned something ;)


Erin said...

Love this list- you are so real and I admire that about you. Number 26 is my favorite. You paint pictures with you words- I dunno I just felt like I was truly getting to know you. Thanks for posting this.

Christine said...

Love this post! Number 26 is my favorite too, I think you describe what just about every woman longs for right there. Lovely. :)