Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Update!

SORRY! I've been a complete and total slacker on the blog front...coming back from vaca really gets ya!

So I got back from Wisconsin Saturday night around 7:30 and was passed out on my couch by 8:30. No joke. I woke up at 10:15, in one of those crazy "where the heck am I" moments. My eyes were glued shut, my brain was on total shutdown, and I had no idea how I had gotten home lol. Not entirely true, but I was so confused as to what was going on.  Basically, I had such an awesome kick ass time in Wisconsin, I was exhausted! And traveling really takes a lot out of me, it's weird...
So, let's recap, shall we?? :) I don't have a ton of pics, mainly because the boutiques don't allow photos, they assume we ALL know how to sew and replicate ridiculously detailed wedding gowns. Do I look like I can do that? I WISH! lol Either way, I've got a few good one's to share with ya! 
I arrived Wednesday evening to homemade lasagna and a night to catch up and chill.  Kelly's fiance had bought us a couple bottles of wine, in anticipation of my arrival! Points for you! See, I've never met Mitch (the fiance ;) ) So, this trip was a meeting of sorts as well! They've been together for a few years, living together for about 2 years now, and can you believe, I've never met the guy?! Yeah, hello! He didn't even get the friend/family/sister approval! But, if Kelly loves him, so will I :) I can't judge. If he makes her happy, that's all that matters. It's a total bonus that he actually is a really great guy. 
So, Kelly had made a few appointments for dresses on Thursday and Friday.  So, Thursday we got up hung around the house, took Fancy, aka, sweetest lab EVER!

 Fancy pants! So cute and so sweet! She was not treated very well before Kelly and Mitch decided to take her in and spoil her to death! lol :)
So, first appointment brought a VERY beautiful dress. She had tried this on a while ago, when my sister and mom were up visiting and helping with wedding stuff.  I loved it! She tried a couple others, that just didn't seem we ran a couple errands, took pics of the Church and reception hall, got some lunch and headed to the next appointment! Which, aren't people who work in the wedding 'industry' supposed to be ubber nice? And all chipper and in your face so incredibly excited for you?? Yeah, this place? Well, they were like, ok here are bridesmaid dresses, just look at the numbers to see which brands are the same. No one came back to help us, ask us if we needed anything had questions, etc. NADA!! 
So we moved upstairs to the bridal, after choosing a few great style in bridesmaid dresses.  Kelly tried on like 8? dresses? lol None of which really struck her fancy enough to keep in mind for the future...but that didn't stop her! 
We decided pedicures and manicures were on the agenda.  It had been a long day and we needed a little r & r.  
Well, we'd been gone all day and poor fancy was stuck in her crate, so we decided that some Chinese take out and a movie were the perfect remedy! :) Ever see The Dilemma? Well apparently, I barely have lol I was so tired, I think I slept through a good chunk of the movie.  It obviously didn't strike me enough to keep me interested and awake! 
Oh well, we got up bright and early Friday to head to a boutique in Algoma, WI. About 45 minutes outside of Green Bay; the thumb of the state ;) lol 
Word on the street is this woman thinks very highly of herself and her boutique.  Once you come to her you never go anywhere else.  Challenge?! I think so!! We showed up and seriously? You could barely walk through this house! It's an older house, turned into this woman's boutique.  Downstairs is prom dresses, mom of the bride dresses, jewelry, shoes, purses, every accessory imaginable!!! But there is no way you could spend ALL day there and STILL see everything! No joke! But, the kicker? this chick knows where everything is. I am no kidding. She'd think of something and find it in a pile under a rack of something. It was hilarious.  Upstairs is the bridal section and it is awesome!! SO many absolutely gorgeous dresses!! I am pretty sure I found one or two that I fell in love with! But the best part? They actually helped us.  They asked Kelly what she wanted, knew what dresses to pull, helped her get dressed, offered suggestions, had accessories, you name it! They were so incredibly nice and that can make all the difference.  
 side note: Wanna see what my peanut was doing while his momma was away???
This is the text I got from my mom Friday morning. (My mom and her neighbor were holding a garage sale that weekend, on Friday and Saturday. Apparently, her and my dad were a little bored lol)
Can you believe your eyes!!!?!?! I think I am leaving my precious child in the best care possible and they pretend to sell him? For BEST OFFER?!?! What???  I couldn't believe my eyes!!! Then I get this text lol 
LOL And they wonder why I don't claim them in public! I kid, I kid. :) Sort of. But anyhoo, this is where I get my random goofiness from. Obviously...
Ok, back to our regular scheduled programming...
After two and a half hours at this boutique!! Totally worth it and it did not feel that long at all! We headed back towards home, ran a few errands, and stopped at this precious little place for lunch! Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Packers, yeah, he eats lunch there a lot! ;) Just not that day :/ But, they have these incredibly BLT sandwiches with avocado on the best bread ever!!! 
My mouth is watering thinking about it again. DE LI CIOUS!!! 
Mitch was headed home Friday afternoon, he works in Milwaukee through the week and stays with Kelly's brother :), so we went home to meet him.  They have an awesome idea of doing Cheesecake for their wedding cake! YUMM! 3 o'clock appointment = delectable! We were able to taste a few different kinds of cheesecake! One of my favs! ;) Mmm mmmmm!
They actually picked their 'cake' style, and flavors! Rock on! This chicky is on the move! She is all over the plans and getting stuff done.
 Next stop? Farm and Fleet! It's  like a Sam's Club, without needing a membership! Woo hoo! Then picking up some pizza, beer, wine and headed home.  We got a bonfire going! Had a couple of their friends come over and just chilled and had a great night!! :) It was fabulous!
Saturday, I awoke, fairly early, once again, but remember the time diff, so I guess it wasn't too bad.  We just chilling most of the morning, catching up on dresses and going future plans.  Airport time came around noon, so Mitch and Kelly took me to the airport to catch my flight.  We said our goodbyes and just as I got through security, Kelly texts me and says that the Green Bay Packers are coming in behind me and probably at my gate?! SAY WHAT?? If you don't know, my entire family, including my sister and I, were born in Wisconsin. If I wasn't a Packer fan, I'd probably be disowned, good thing they rock :)
So, I have no idea who half of these guys are, and sadly I missed a pic of beautiful Clay, BUT here ya go! :) Sneak peak and first hand encounters! Yeah, I feel special and you have my permission to be a little jealous! Ok, A LOT jealous!


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