Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Recap :)

So it's been a pretty good weekend! Can't complain much at all :) Friday night I went up to Matt's place to spend a few hours with him and Nevaeh. I picked up some Chinese, rented Bad Teacher and we just got some time to chill out and me not have to rush home too early to get to bed for work.  Bad Teacher is a pretty funny movie ;) I liked it! Was glad I just paid $1 at Redbox for it though, not sure if I would have been super happy to pay 9 bucks at the theater, but maybe if I watch it again, I'll like it more. I think it's one of those. 

ANY WHO lol enough with the ramblings. So Saturday, for the first time in a LOOONGG time, I slept till..get this people 8AM! What?!?! This is why I love that Max doesn't HAVE to go out at certain times or is super routined into going out at 6am.  He just slept snuggled up next to me till I decided that 8am was late enough and my day needed to get started.  So, did some laundry, much needed cleaning, some organizing, a couple errands, Friends watching lol, jewelry work, etc...and I got to see my friend Lauren, who I haven't seen in forever! She came over for a bit to pick up some jewelry and catch up ;) she's a dollface.

Saturday night was a girls night! :) With my Molls ;) cause she's is amazing and I love her to death! We decided to hit up the Louisville improv down on 4th Street Live.  If you haven't been to 4th Street, you need to. Seriously, go to the bars, go to the restaurants, walk around, just go ;) So we grabbed some dinner at the Pub, got half off our entire meal, because they didn't have either of the wine's we asked for! Crazy right? But so awesome!! :) We walked over to the improv to see Cledus T. Judd! If you've never heard of him, he 'used to be' super funny. He likes to make fun of country songs.  He remakes them with different words and it's usually pretty hilarious.  Example, Kenny Chesney's, She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy, turns into, My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy. lol Either way, we were both a little disappointed.  I remember him being so funny and last night, he just sort of wasn't there. He came up first, did a little skit, sang a song, then had another comedian come up, who was actually super funny!! Then Cledus came back up for a few minutes and introduced someone else again! Who was a little creepy at first, but was pretty hilarious after a while.  Cledus came back for about a song and a half, then it was all over... Didn't matter though, Molly and I have such a great time together and usually end up laughing endlessly.  Last night was no different.  I love the girl to death :)
So today, I was the liturgist at my Church and sang a bit too.  Came home and had some lunch, you all are loving my play by plays haha.... and then decided to head out and shop for my scarf swap coming up! I'm so excited!! I'd tell you what I got her, but that would spoil the surprise! ;) So, just keep reading and come November 7th? You'll find out!! hehe I also had a great idea to make homemade calzones! If you know me, you know I don't really cook much because I don't  know how.  I mean, I can feed myself, that's not a problem, but it's basic or it's in a bag or box.  Not a lot of do-it-yourself recipes, but I'm trying :)  So, after a long, busy week/weekend, this girl needed a little nap (I haven't taken a nap in probably MONTHS! if not like a year), so it was amazing!! :)  Lifetime movie on in the background, my snuggle butt peanut, cuddling beside me, cool outside... it was fabulous.  

Matt dropped off his daughter a bit earlier today, since he's had her all week, so I think he was excited about the calzones! We got to watch some Green Bay kick ace to the Vickings! WOO :) And he's a huge World Series Fan, so of course he's watched a bit of that tonight. So, it's probably early to bed tonight for me, I am surprisingly still a bit tired and just ready to snuggle in bed and fall asleep to some Friends.  This week should be a good one, I hope! And definitely some more regular posts! I was a slacking MAJOR last week! Whoa! Promise that won't be happening again!! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!! I am sure I am missing a better story, but it was kind of uneventful this weekend! I'll take that as a good thing, right now...

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Steph said...

Sometimes uneventful weekends are my favorite! But anytime spent with friends and those you love is always an event!
Have a great week!
xo Steph