Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday lovelies!! I haven't stopped since Friday when I left for work! It's been crazies! No joke. I slept like a rock and woke up clueless of what was going on...I could have used another, OOOO 5 hours of sleep?? :/
Either way, Monday is winding down and the new week is well on it's way.
I've been watching my parents dogs since Friday morning :)

Exhibit A:

They are such good girls and so chill.  They sleep like all the time, except when they are with Max and he just bugs the crap out of them the entire time LOL
These were taken Saturday, when I took them back to my parents and stayed there that night with them. Molli's hair cracks me up, cause she was SO napping in the little bathroom and was not pleased to be disturbed. hehe

Anyhoo, Friday afternoon Matthew asked if I wanted to experience a Trimble County high school football game! Woot! Jealous much?? :) It's ok :) So, I went with Matt and Nevaeh for just a little bit to check out his old high school. Two of his cousins go there now and are in the marching band, so we went to watch them and had a great time! band was awesome, weather was perfect for football and chilli and hot drinks! Matthew had a blast reminising.  Me? I hated high school, so I tried to block most of those memories, but enjoyed hearing about his!  We had a great time and that's all that matters!

Saturday was spent doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, working on jewelry, running a couple errands, and then heading to my parents for the afternoon, before heading up to Trimble County to attend Matthew's uncle's bday bash! We had an awesome time. He has a really great family and they all have such a great time together. They've all really welcomed me and we had a fun night of kid overload, pizza, cupcakes, great conversations and laughter, of course! :) Needless to say, I should have slept great, but in reality, I think I had a total of maybe 2 hours of sleep? I hate when that happens :/

oh well, Sunday, I got up early with the dogs, and decided to go to a different church. I've gone on and off the past few months and I really enjoyed it.   I picked up Max from my parents (someone did not want to leave! lol he loves grandpas new chair and would not come with me when I called him!)
Little stink butt!! So, I let the girlies out and headed home, only to head right back out and get some Christmas shopping done for work! (If I haven't explained what that involves yet, just wait. Future post!), either way, I shopped till I dropped like 2 hours later. Got home wth just a little bit of time to paint my nails and stuff my face, work on some jewelry, vacuum, then pack up Max and head out! We stopped by a friends mom's house and picked up jewelry she had for my mom and a couple others.  Then we headed to my parents, sat and chatted for a bit to hear bout their weekend in Nashville with their friends and finally headed to the TC, once again, to hang with the little one and Matthew ;) He was so nice to buy spaghetti for me to make lol. His fridge decided to stop working last night so drama ensued, but he gets a new one on his landlord! I'd take that! I didn't stay too long, cause we were all exhausted, but I'm pretty sure I passed out by 10:15 last night lol.  I was tired! Nonstop and horrible sleep Saturday night did not mix well with me.
My Monday morning started out just as I had thought, annoyed and frustrated, but it got better as the day went on, so all is well, for now :) 

Here is to a busy week, but hopefully some fun this weekend!!
Hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful start to an awesome week!

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Ashlyn said...

looks like you had a busy but fun weekend! :]
& that little furball is too cute!

hope you are having a great week!