Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I really feel like I've been MIA in blogland these days, but have no fear! I'm got some good one's up my sleeve! Hopefully. I leave this Wednesday to spend a few days up in Green Bay, WI with my lovely lady Kelly! :) She's getting married in a year and I'm gonna go have some awesome girl time/wedding planning/stuffing our faces/seeing her beautiful neice/too much laughter time with her and I CANNOT wait! It'll be nice to get out of town for a bit. shoo...

Any who, here is the rundown of my weekend! Friday, I apparently woke up with Oscar the Grouch overtaking my body. I was not in a good mood, to say the least. Seemed liked everything was just getting on my nerves and all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with my peanut and catch up on DVR. I mean, no one was in the office either! All the 'exec' guys were out at meetings off-site, so you'd think my week would have ended pretty awesome! But, It got better when I went to visit Matthew and Nevaeh for a bit, that night. I made them Chilli we had a fun and silly night. As usual! Her mom got a bunch of pics done of her, here's a cute little preview :)

Saturday was spent, sleeping in a bit, cleaning, laundry, emails, getting Max's nails cut :) They love him there lol So, of course they put a pretty little bow in his hair! It was already pulled up so they just made it look even better!

Saturday night, Matt and I went to Church here in Louisville, which was great then out for Pizza, delicious!!

Sunday was fabulous lol, My mom and I had to sing at our Church and I was serving Communion, but Sunday was my mom's friend's birthday and her daughter had put together a surprise for her and asked my mom and I to go! We went to this place called Sips and Strokes. Basically, it's a canvas painting class, but you can drink and eat while painting! Pretty sweet! They have classes every day of the month, different pictures/paintings. Some are freehand, some have just a slight pencil outline to help you get started. Well, yesterday was a stack of coffe cups :) Totally up my ally! It'll look great in my ktichen! So we got us some wine, cheese, crackers, paint, apron, and a seat ;) There is one instructor up front walking you through the different color mixings, where to paint what lol, but it was a blast! So much fun! I am SO not creative or artistic and when you are sitting so close to it, it looks like crap haha, but if you stand back and take it in, it actually turned out OK! Check it out!
Le masterpiece~

Here are the four of us and our masterpieces! They all look different, right? Too much fun!

Mi y mi madre :)

Last night was spent chilling out, workin on Premier Jewelry stuff, painting my nails (no surprise there lol), packing for Wisconsin and playing with the little man and catchin up on some DVR. What do all you lovelies do this weekend??

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Steph said...

What a fun weekend! I love hearing about other people's adventures. And that doggy is so dang cute! I just started my new blog and while my plan was to share all about my weekend as you did, I ended up just focusing on one thing. It's baby steps for me and my new blog! But I love reading yours :)