Monday, October 24, 2011

Robbery Witness?!

I completely forgot to tell you that Matthew totally witnessed a robbery Sunday night!! Seriously! He went up to CVS near my house to get some ice cream after dinner and while standing in line, he notice two girls asking some crazy obvious questions to the sales girl, next to him.  She seemed confused they were asking such questions and Matthew realized that they were 'distracting' her from another girl, that snuck up behind the sales clerk and grabbed two boxes! He saw all this go down!! And he saw her run out of the store. So, he told the guy checking him out, Uh, I think you all are getting robbed! Well, the two girls heard this and made a run for it! What? Seriously, people are crazy! Matthew explained to the clerk what happened and tried to go after them, hearing the squeal out of the parking lot. He rolled around the shopping center to see if he'd see them, but nothing.  I assume the have video cameras, but that was nuts! Just glad they didn't have guns or anything and were looking for money! Now THAT would have been scary!

Anyone ever been in a situation like that? I only remember thinking that someone was stealing when I worked retail and we called our security to just do a 'drop in' and check in on us, like was making the rounds or whatever lol.  Turned out to be nothing, but it's horrible that that feeling is there, right? It is so sad that people feel like the have to steal stuff, or even to feel like they deserve it?  I don't know. I have never stolen nor had any desire what's so ever to take something that wasn't mine.  I work hard for the money I make to buy the things that I want... 
But, do tell me if you've ever experienced something like this! I'd be curious to know if you said something, like Matthew did, or knew it was happening at all!! :)

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Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I worked at the Sunglass Hut my senior year of high school in a brand new store in a brand new outdoor mall. One night I started closing up the store by myself (I ALWAYS worked by myself.. it was only the second job I'd ever had! Too much pressure and responsibility for a 17 year old.. but anyways it was 8:59 and we were set to close at 9 so right before I went to lock the door a couple came into look at the glasses.. I figured I'd let them look since they didn't seem like they were going to buy anything especially not at the last minute (I knew the kind of people who were browsing and the ones that were purchasing). I finished up a few tasks at the register while keeping an eye on them and then they left. It turns out (from the surveillance camera) the man was blocking my view and making it look like they were looking at glasses while she was stuffing them in his pants!!!!

They stole 3 pairs of designer sunglasses. I was so angry.. and I felt like it was all my fault. But my manager told me there was really nothing much else I could do since when I tried to help them they acted like they didn't speak English.. It was horrible. I cried! Haha